More and more professional football stars have been taking their qualms with President Trump out on the football field in various forms of protest. And the recent Memorial Day celebrations were of no exception.

Earlier in the week, The NFL Players Association called for a moment of silence to be held during every game on Sunday to commemorate Veterans Day.

Although no football players were protesting during the early games, three professional players took a knee during the national anthem before the New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers game.

The protesting players were Eric Reid (49ers), Marquise Goodwin (49ers) and Olivier Vernon (Giants). All of these players have been protesting in some fashion throughout the season.

However, other players, who had previously been kneeling or raising fists earlier in the season, chose to stand during the Veterans Day commemoration. One such player was Rishard Matthews of the Tennessee Titans, who was holding hands with soldiers while walking onto the field. He then stood during the national anthem.

In response to previous protests, some organizations (such as the Pittsburgh branch of the Veterans of Foreign Wars) have begun boycotting football games.

NFL players have been protesting police brutality and other social justice issues since 2016. Most of these protests have been in the form of kneeling or raising fists during the anthem.

Despite President Trump’s suggestion of firing any NFL player who takes a knee during the anthem, players have been ignoring Trump’s comments and choosing to protest every week regardless.