The 2020 election could receive a massive shake-up.

Every Democrat’s worst nightmare could be on the verge of coming true.

The Supreme Court may have another vacancy after this cover-up collapsed.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg misled the American people about her health.

Ginsburg revealed in July that her cancer returned in February and she began receiving chemotherapy in May for treatment.

The Associated Press reports:

Ginsburg issued a statement on July 17 saying that a medical scan in February revealed lesions on her liver, which a subsequent biopsy determined were cancerous. She declined an interview request from The Associated Press.

The lesions are the fifth time Ginsburg has dealt with cancer since 1999, when she first underwent surgery for colorectal cancer. Surgeries for tumors on her pancreas and lung took place in 2009 and 2018, respectively, and Ginsburg underwent radiation therapy for a new growth on her pancreas last year.

Ginsburg hid her health taking a turn for the worse from the American people for four months and only came clean when she absolutely had to because of political considerations.

In 2016, voters that listed the Supreme Court as their number one issue voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Critics contend Ruth Bader Ginsburg feared a repeat of that scenario so she tried to keep quiet about her cancer returning for fear it would become an election issue.

Ginsburg’s battled multiple bouts with cancer over the years and at 87 years old, many voters would worry her health would eventually force her to step down.

That could shift the election to a referendum on who voters want picking her replacement.

Republicans always benefited from elections focused on the courts because the GOP is more motivated to turn out on the issue than the left.

Some fake news media pundits thought the Supreme Court may have lost its potency with the Republican base after Chief Justice John Roberts handed the left a series of victories on abortion, amnesty and the homosexual agenda.

But Ginsburg covering up her cancer resurgence shows that among the professional left, they do not believe that to be the case.

Ginsburg does not want to do anything to damage Joe Biden’s re-election chances because Ginsburg wants a Democrat president picking a leftist to replace her.

If Donald Trump wins the election that means the GOP will very likely control the Senate.

In that case, Ginsburg will have to try and hang on for two more years in hopes Democrats win the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.

At that point, Chuck Schumer would refuse to hold a vote on any nominee put forth by Trump to replace Ginsburg and roll the dice on Democrats winning the 2024 Presidential Election.

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