All the experts claimed if Trump won, the stock market would tank.

Wall Street was counting on a Hillary Clinton win to continue the globalist agenda.

But after the votes were counted, the market’s reaction shocked observers.

On the days before the election, the market rallied after being down in the months leading up to the vote.

But as Election Night wore on – and as it became apparent Trump was going to win – Dow futures plunged 700 points.

However, the following days told a different story.

By the Thursday after the election, the rally continued as the Dow rose 218 points.

This was historic.

The market usually declines after an election.

But stock prices jumped after Trump’s win.

CNN reports:

“The Dow rose 218 points Thursday and closed at a record high for the second day in a row.

And why not? It’s fitting that following the most unusual presidential election campaign in recent history, the stock market is also reacting in atypical fashion.

Many investors worried that a Trump win would be bad for stocks. In case you haven’t heard this before, the market hates uncertainty. And Trump is uncertainty on steroids.

What’s more, stocks have historically gone down the day after Election Day. It hasn’t mattered much if it was a Democrat or Republican winning, if the incumbent party (or president) was re-elected or if the outcome was considered an upset.

According to data from Jeff Hirsch, editor of the Stock Trader’s Almanac, the average decline for the S&P 500 the day after Election Day between 1932 and 2012 was 1.1%.

 But the S&P 500 rose1.1% on Wednesday.”

 Some observers credited this to Trump leading the Republican Party to unified control of the government.

Not only did Trump win the Presidency, but his coattails allowed the GOP to maintain their majorities in the House and Senate.

Because Republicans can control the agenda in Washington, pro-growth policies such as Trump’s proposed tax cut, repealing ObamaCare, deregulation, and ending Obama’s attack on American energy to stop so-called “global warming” are all very likely to pass.

Obama’s attacks on free enterprise and capitalism were completely repudiated by the American people.

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Democrats and other establishment insiders clung to the belief that Trump’s proposals to end Obama’s globalist policies on trade and open borders would crash the market.

Wall Street has long been a proponent of international trade deals and mass migration.

But Obama’s economic policies led America to the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

Investors reacted to Trump’s win like the economy had just been let out of jail.

Instead of settling for middling 1 or 2 percent economic growth, Trump’s tax, regulatory and health care policies gave belief to investors that America could reach her historical norm of 4 percent economic growth.

Do you agree that Trump’s policies will spur economic growth?

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