Paul Ryan has done more harm than good for Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Many believe Speaker Ryan is trying to tank Trump’s bid and elect Hillary Clinton for President.

And Donald Trump just let the cat out of the bag as to why Ryan is secretly hoping the GOP nominee loses the election.

Many experts believe Ryan has Presidential ambitions of his own.

From the moment the Romney-Ryan ticket was defeated, pundits pegged Ryan as the heir apparent for the Republican establishment.

Ryan is a strong backer of amnesty, globalist trade deals, and foreign wars.

These are three policy-pillars of the Republican establishment.

Trump won the nomination mobilizing Republican primary voters who are against all three.

Many establishment figures were wishing Trump would lose the primary and then fade away so they could return to business as usual.

A big component for the establishment’s do-over is Paul Ryan.

But Trump put the establishment on notice when he blasted Ryan’s sabotage of his campaign in an interview.

Politico reports:

“In an interview conducted Monday with ABC’s Tom Llamas but broadcast Tuesday, Trump suggested Ryan may be putting his own White House ambitions ahead of the Republican Party’s effort to reclaim the Oval Office in November.

 Asked on Ryan’s turf in Wisconsin whether he thought the Republican leader wants Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton, the real estate mogul insinuated that Ryan may be looking forward to Trump’s defeat — either so he can run in 2020 or because the former vice presidential nominee doesn’t know how to win.

 “Well, maybe not because maybe he wants to run in four years or maybe he doesn’t know how to win,” Trump said. “Maybe he doesn’t just know how to win.”

Ryan has been working against Trump since the moment the billionaire populist wrapped up the Republican nomination.

He initially refused to endorse Trump after his victory in the Indiana primary made him the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

And he has acknowledged every manufactured crisis the liberal press whips up in an effort to hold down Trump’s poll numbers.

Ryan even took the unprecedented step of cutting Trump loose by telling House Republicans they could do whatever they needed to win their own elections.

Trump has fought back routinely, blasting Speaker Ryan for essentially working on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Do you agree with Trump that Paul Ryan is working to undermine his Presidential campaign to set up a White House bid of his own?

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