obama-bombLike blood in a shark tank, Barack Obama’s subservient pandering to Iran’s nuclear regime is whipping dictators with nuclear ambitions into a feeding frenzy.

North Korea now claims to have developed and detonated a hydrogen bomb.

A hydrogen bomb explodes through fusion, which is far more destructive than the estimated 12-27 fission-exploding warheads in North Korea’s current stockpile.

Emboldened by Obama’s surrender to Tehran – giving up sanctions in exchange for Tehran’s empty promises to slow down their nuclear program – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un can simply sit back and wait for Obama to come on bended knee, bearing offers to loosen their sanctions too if Pyongyang promises to give up its hydrogen bomb.

Of course, with no means of actually upholding that promise.

In fact, that has been pointed out by a former Secretary of State who served under a Democrat.

Former Clinton Secretary of State Bill Richardson appeared on CNN to explain how North Korea is using the nuclear test to bring Obama to the negotiating table.

“I think he’s trying to get attention, number one, but I think he’s also sending a message that if you want to deal with me, if you want me to curb our nuclear weapons, it’s going to be a very high price,” Richardson said.

“It’s a very poor country. They need humanitarian assistance. They need energy assistance. They need all kinds of sanctions lifted. It could be that he’s preparing for a negotiation. I think he’s looking at what happened with Iran, and he says, ‘You know, maybe there’s a deal that can be struck for me,’ although we don’t know what this man thinks. He’s very unpredictable,” Richardson said.
The test comes at the same time Obama is negotiating another deal to loosen economic sanctions on the nuclear terrorist state of Iran.

Under the deal, Obama would help the Islamic Republic expand their economy, and ability to attack and subvert other countries, in exchange for a pinky promise they won’t develop nuclear weapons.

Of course, with this deal, Iran would inspect their own facilities and assure the world to take their word they aren’t developing any nuclear weapons.

It’s a sweetheart deal from a spineless jellyfish president.

And for a seat at Obama’s buffet it’s one that’s much too scrumptious for Kim Jong Un to pass up.