President Donald Trump.

The thought alone is enough to send shivers down the establishment’s spine, and cause panic among the Republican elite.

After all, one thing is certain – Donald Trump can’t be bought.

By running a self-funded campaign, Trump doesn’t need to bow down and worship D.C. donors and lobbyists.

Trump took to Twitter and boasted, “I am self-funding my campaign so I do not owe anything to lobbyists and special interests.”

In fact, Politico reports Trump has loaned or donated $17.8 million of his own money to his campaign.

By self-funding his campaign and not helplessly depending on others, Trump has the freedom to do whatever he wants, and he is doing just that.

While many political insiders wrote off Trump as a “joke candidate” in the beginning, it’s clear after winning New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada that Trump’s campaign is the real deal.

The RNC is divided on how to handle Trump.

Politico reports:

“It’s a relationship,” said RNC Chief Strategist and Communications Director, Sean Spicer. “Every nominee — it doesn’t matter this cycle or last cycle — understands now that the role of parties is critical in terms of the manpower, the data, the press operation, the research. The bottom line is, no nominee can win without the party.”

 While this may be true in most election cycles, 2016 is an entirely different game. The momentum and surge in popularity of Donald Trump has caught even the most seasoned political veterans off guard, leaving them unprepared to deal with the outspoken New York businessman.

And not everyone in the RNC thinks managing Trump will be so easy.

Politico continues:

Does anybody have leverage over Donald Trump? Nope,” a former top official at the RNC said. “His own staff doesn’t. No one can control him.”

Is it just a matter of time before Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee?

Currently, Trump has won 82 delegates (1,237 are needed for the nomination).

With more than a dozen states voting on Super Tuesday next week, and 595 Republican delegates up for grabs, only time will tell.