Donald Trump followed up his blowout in New Hampshire with a smashing victory in South Carolina.

His 10 point win over Marco Rubio earned him all 50 delegates and entrenched him in a commanding position as the Republican Presidential frontrunner.

Had any other candidate won both New Hampshire and South Carolina with such commanding margins the pundit class and political establishment would declare the race over.

But the political class despises Donald Trump and they are looking for any narrative to push to prolong the race.

That’s because the establishment of both parties is completely committed to amnesty and maintaining the status quo.

And from the first day of his campaign, the populist billionaire has staked his campaign on stopping illegal immigration, reversing trade deals that damage American workers and blasting our failed foreign policy that weakens America and is losing ground to ISIS.

Trump has tapped into American’s anger at Washington for cutting deals that benefit the well-connected and give the shaft to everyday Americans.

His election would threaten the status quo; so now the establishment is rallying around Marco Rubio.

While Rubio is more conservative than the Mitt Romney/John McCain type of candidate the establishment hitches their wagon to, Rubio was the face of the Gang-of-Eight Amnesty Bill, and he is committed to trade deals, and he is a stalwart defender of the foreign policy pushed by both the Bush and Obama administrations.

The latest evidence is the flood of endorsements Rubio received in the wake of his distant second-place finish in South Carolina.

Rubio received the endorsements of Senators Jeff Flake, Thom Tillis, Dan Coats, former Republican nominee Bob Dole and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

The laying of hands by the establishment is their play to force other candidates out of the race and signal to the donor class that Rubio is their chosen candidate.

They believe their only chance to stop Trump is to force this into a two-man race.

Despite having not won an early-state contest, Rubio gathers momentum because the Washington establishment and the mouth pieces in the media are working overtime to stop Donald Trump.

This narrative has come at the expense of presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas who won the Iowa caucus and finished a respectable third place in New Hampshire – where Rubio finished a poor fifth.

But the establishment despises Cruz because he led the fight to defund Obamacare that forced Barack Obama to shut down the government.

Now as Super Tuesday approaches in which 12 states vote and Donald trump leads the polling in 10 of them, panic has set in.

That’s why the Rubio campaign is setting expectations that they won’t win a state until his home state of Florida votes on March 15th.

Never before has a candidate been allowed to lose 21 consecutive contests but still be treated as a viable candidate.

With Jeb Bush out of the race after his Super PAC blowing through $130 million to win four delegates, the pro-amnesty establishment needs a candidate.

Now pro-amnesty Marco Rubio is their candidate, and elected officials and high-dollar donors are rushing to endorse him.

Will it be enough to stop Donald Trump?