A recently released batch of polls shows rival presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are poised to score major victories on Super Tuesday, and virtually lock up the nominations of their respective parties.

NBC/Wall Street Journal polls showed Trump up 18 points in Tennessee and seven in Georgia. He trailed Senator Ted Cruz in Cruz’s home state of Texas.

The NBC polls had Clinton blowing out Bernie Sanders by 26 points in Tennessee, 21 in Texas and 34 in Georgia.

The CBS/YouGov polls showed Trump up 13 in Virginia and 11 in Georgia.

Once again, these polls had Ted Cruz winning in Texas.

CBS’ polls showed Clinton destroying Sanders by 20 in Virginia, 24 in Texas and 28 in Georgia.

Other states voting on Super Tuesday, March 1st, include Massachusetts and Alabama.

A Suffolk University Poll of Massachusetts voters had Trump lapping the field by 23 points, and in Alabama, a new poll showed him with a 17 point lead over his nearest competitor.

Many pundits who continue to predict the demise of Donald Trump claimed he had a “ceiling of support” in the low 30s.

But the polls released in the lead up to Super Tuesday blow up that narrative.

Trump reached the 40% mark in polls released in Tennessee, Virginia and Massachusetts.

As the field of candidates has narrowed, Trump’s support has only continued to grow.

Almost 600 delegates are up for grabs in Tuesday’s Republican contests, nearly half of the 1,237 necessary to clinch the Republican nomination for president.

And while these delegates are awarded on a proportional basis, the polls show Trump will win a large share.

A command performance of winning over 200 delegates would reinforce Trump’s lead.

Contests are also being held in moderate northeast states, the so-called “SEC” states in the south and as far west as Alaska.

Wins across the board would prove Trump is acceptable to all factions of the party, and across all parts of the country.

On the Democratic side, voters continue to ignore Hillary’s history of corruption and scandal as she is on the verge of wiping out Bernie Sanders and putting a stranglehold on the Democrat Party nomination.

But while Hillary looks like shoe-in to emerge as the Democrat nominee, there are warning signs as to the strength of her general election candidacy.

American Patriot Daily previously reported on recently released polls that show her trailing all major Republican contenders in the state of Ohio.

There is no guarantee Hillary’s legal problems (http://www.americanpatriotdaily.com/latest/donald-trump-just-dropped-this-bombshell-about-hillary-clinton/) will fade away, and a criminal indictment would cripple her campaign.

The specter of an ongoing criminal investigation could create an ongoing “drip, drip, drip” of bad news that would smother her campaign in a blanket of scandal she can never shake off.

But before we get to the general election, the voters on Super Tuesday will have their say.