obama-insultsFor a President who constantly claims to be a Christian, Barack Obama sure has a funny way of showing it.

These last eight years have been one ongoing slap in the face to Christian believers.

From calling Jesus “a son of God” to lecturing Christians about “being on their high horse” when pointing out radical Islamic terrorism, to the mention of God being booed at the 2012 Democratic convention, Obama and his minions never pass up an opportunity to dump on the Christian faith.

And who can forget when Obama attacked “less than loving Christians” on Easter Sunday last year?

The remarks came just days after Islamic terrorists murdered 147 innocent people at a college in Kenya and of course, Obama once again refused to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism”.

The latest Obama regime insult is NASA banning the word “Jesus”.

The Daily Caller reports:

“A legal group focused on religious liberty just threatened National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with a lawsuit in response to the government agency’s censorship of the word “Jesus” from emails.

In a letter sent Monday, the Liberty Institute stated that NASA lawyers pressured a group of employees at the Johnson Space Center to remove the word “Jesus” from a club announcement. This demand took place in May and June of 2015.

These employees had formed a private group within the agency called the JSC Praise and Worship Club, an entity separate from the agency. As part of the group, employees meet together during lunch to pray, and no one is prevented from taking part in the group’s activities.

In an announcement email, one of the employees had used the word “Jesus.” A few days after the email went out, NASA lawyers clamped down and said the use of the word was absolutely unacceptable and would not accept the group’s offer to issue any kind of disclaimer to downplay its use.

The reason it was unacceptable? NASA lawyers didn’t want innocent observers to come to the erroneous conclusion that the space agency endorses Christianity. An official endorsement of Christianity, said the NASA lawyers, would be a violation of the Establishment Clause in the Constitution.”

It would be appalling if it wasn’t expected.

The First Amendment exists to prevent the government from interfering in religion.

It is not a tool of censorship.

But for decades, liberals in all three branches of government have acted with ruthless aggression to stamp out expressions of Christian faith.

As in Kentucky where county clerk Kim Davis was thrown in jail for exercising her Christian faith, her refusal to sign her name on marriage licenses for homosexuals was too much for the liberal establishment to bear so she was tossed in jail for the crime of being a Christian.

Or facing off against the nuns of the Little Sisters of the Poor and forcing them to provide abortion drugs to their employees.

Now NASA is engaging in the one act the First Amendment specifically prohibits – censorship.

And the Obama regime wouldn’t have it any other way.