All hell is breaking loose across America.

Cities are on fire and rioters are threatening to upend American civil society.

And more bad news rolled in when the NFL made this apology to Black Lives Matter that left Trump red with rage.

Anti-American national anthem protestor Colin Kaepernick is once again seen as the spiritual leader of the violent uprising across America as rioters compared Kaepernick kneeling to disrespect the American flag to the police officer that killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck.

Kaepernick’s fellow American haters that still play professional football flooded social media demanding the NFL apologize to Kaepernick and lectured Americans on how racist and evil their country truly was.

The NFL quickly folded within hours.

Commissioner Roger Goodell produced a hostage video proclaiming his fealty to the violent and dangerous Black Lives Matter movement.

“We, the NFL, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of Black People,” Goodell whimpered. “We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. We, the NFL, believe Black Lives Matter.”

“I personally protest with you and want to be part of the much-needed change in this country,” Goodell added. “Without black players, there would be no National Football League. And the protests around the country are emblematic of the centuries of silence, inequality and oppression of black players, coaches, fans and staff.”

Goodell’s groveling came one day after New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees begged for forgiveness after he committed the “crime” of saying he loved his country and would never dishonor the memory of his two grandfathers that served in World War 2 by kneeling for the national anthem.

Various racial baiters and anti-American NFL players – including some of Brees’ teammates blasted Brees for his thought crime.

Brees folded under the pressure and pleaded with his tormentors for a pardon.

“They lacked awareness and any type of compassion or empathy. Instead, those words have become divisive and hurtful and have misled people into believing that somehow I am an enemy. This could not be further from the truth, and is not an accurate reflection of my heart or my character,” Brees posted to his social media.

Brees raised millions of dollars for black communities devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

The idea that Drew Brees is a racist is laughable.

But Brees’ apology only encouraged the mob since they now knew they could bully Brees.

Donald Trump called out Brees for his apology and told the star quarterback that he had nothing to be ashamed of for loving his country.

“I am a big fan of Drew Brees. I think he’s truly one of the greatest quarterbacks, but he should not have taken back his original stance on honoring our magnificent American Flag. OLD GLORY is to be revered, cherished, and flown high. We should be standing up straight and tall, ideally with a salute, or a hand on heart. There are other things you can protest, but not our Great American Flag – NO KNEELING!” the President wrote.

But Brees was in full Stockholm syndrome mode.

Not only did Brees agree with his ideological tormentors, he now loved them.

Brees issued his third apology of this saga and this time he attacked President Trump.

“Through my ongoing conversations with friends, teammates, and leaders in the black community, I realize this is not an issue about the American flag. It has never been. We can no longer use the flag to turn people away or distract them from the real issues that face our black communities,” Brees began.

“We did this back in 2017, and regretfully I brought it back with my comments this week. We must stop talking about the flag and shift our attention to the real issues of systemic racial injustice, economic oppression, police brutality, and judicial & prison reform.We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history! If not now, then when?” Brees moaned.

“We as a white community need to listen and learn from the pain and suffering of our black communities. We must acknowledge the problems, identify the solutions, and then put this into action. The black community cannot do it alone. This will require all of us,” Brees concluded.

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