confused obamaBarack Obama has a funny definition of ending a war.

Having upset Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democrat primary and then dispatching John McCain in the general election largely on his opposition to the Iraq War, Obama was determined to put an end to the war even if it meant sacrificing American victory.

After the surge in 2007, the Iraq War had largely been won by the time Obama took office in 2009.

But with middling approval ratings and a sluggish economy, he announced the final combat troops would be leaving Iraq in December 2011, just 13 months before he faced the voters for re-election.

By 2014 stability in Iraq had disintegrated as the threat of ISIS exploded.

ISIS had captured Mosul, which is Iraq’s second largest city and this past May they seized control of Ramadi – which is the capitol of Iraq’s largest province.

The world has witnessed the horrors of Christians beheaded, captives burnt alive and barbaric atrocities committed against women and children.

They even claimed to have established a new caliphate after winning control of territory in Iraq and Syria.

3 years after claiming the war had ended, Barack Obama ordered air strikes against ISIS.

However, these pin prick airstrikes have failed to dislodge the radical Islamic fighters from the territory they control.

Faced with a failing strategy Obama has been forced to reverse his politically motivated 2011 troop withdrawal.

In fact, this past summer Obama ordered 450 troops back to Iraq to train the country’s military forces to combat the expanding threat of ISIS.

Obama’s doomed to fail strategy has done nothing to defeat ISIS as the threat continues to grow in Iraq and Syria.

But Iraq isn’t the first war a Obama ended to serve a political timetable only to have the situation on the ground blow up in his face.

In his 2012 re-election campaign, Obama promised to end the war in Afghanistan by 2014.

And last December, he issued a statement claiming the end of formal U.S. combat in Afghanistan.

But in the wake of new Taliban attacks and with the ISIS fighters moving into the country to wreak havoc, Obama was forced to admit failure and announce 10,000 U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan through 2017.

Showing his trademark arrogance, he ignored the advice of commanders as the New York Times reported, “Senior officers earlier recommended that the U.S. keep up to 20,000 troops in Afghanistan, warning that a lesser number would put the fledgling Afghan army at risk from the Taliban.”

Afghanistan is already America’s longest war. And like in Iraq, Obama’s decision to withdraw forces to serve his political needs sacrificed the hard fought gains won by American troops and allowed radical Islamic to spread.