Joe Biden

The left has gone so completely insane they’re self-destructing.

If Biden isn’t extremely careful, he’ll be ruined.

The left put a landmine in Joe Biden’s way that could destroy his campaign.

The radical left are becoming more extreme by the moment.

Democrats are promoting ideas that would have been unthinkable just last year.

Communism teaches that society is bad and that it needs to be torn down so that mankind can live in harmony.

The western Judeo-Christian tradition teaches that humans naturally have evil inclinations and that the task of civilization is to help people overcome their natural inclinations.

The idea that defunding the police will bring about a better society is based off of the idea that police aren’t necessary, which is completely wrong.

What happens when there are no police?

The weak suffer.

What escape does an inner city black woman have from domestic abuse if there are no police to respond to her call?

Statistics show that domestic abusers are less likely to continue the abuse if the victim calls the police.

The liberals have always said that guns aren’t necessary because people can call the police.

Without law and order, it will be the weak who suffer.

Despite being only 13% of the population, more than 50% of murder victims are black and most were killed by people of the same ethnicity.

The Democrats decry the “white flight” that happened during the ‘60s when middle class people fled the cities to go to the suburbs.

It seems like the “defund the police” movement that many Democrats are pushing will turn the bad neighborhoods in the inner city into completely lawless areas while the intellectuals pushing the idea can continue living comfortably in the suburbs.

As defunding the police becomes a more mainstream idea in the Democratic Party, Joe Biden has a hard line to walk especially since he needs to win voters who voted for Bernie Sanders.

Black Lives Matter, which Biden needs behind him, is calling for the “national defunding of police. We demand investment in our communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive.”

People do not thrive in communities where there is no law and order.

Saying that police should be trained in de-escalating situations and cases where police shoot anyone unarmed should be investigated by an outside source at least make sense; getting rid of police is nonsense.

“Joe Biden’s allies want to remove the necessary resources of the men and women who are called to protect our communities,” Trump campaign Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh told the Washington Examiner. “Whether it be officials at the National Association of Police Organizations or the Fraternal Order of Police, it should come as no surprise that the thousands of brave men and women dressed in blue know that Joe Biden and his party are no ally of law and order.”

If Joe Biden doesn’t support defunding the police, he risks losing Bernie voters and if he does, he risks losing independent voters.