Super Tuesday. The day when Presidential campaigns live or die.

Many candidates hit the campaign trail more than a year ago hoping to secure the Republican nomination.

The once robust field of 17 candidates has narrowed down to only 5, but there’s one thing political veterans never predicted — the rise of Donald Trump.

Politico reports 30 percent of Georgia voters want Trump. And Real Clear Politics shows Trump leading in 8 Super Tuesday states.

The numbers don’t lie.

In fact, some presidential candidates have publicly admitted Trump will be hard to stop.

“Look there is no doubt that, if Donald steamrolls through Super Tuesday, wins everywhere with big margins, that he may well be unstoppable,” said Cruz this past Sunday.

And CNN reports John Kasich has all but conceded and predicts Trump will sweep all 12 states on Tuesday.

“I think Trump’s probably going to win all of them,” Kasich told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday on State of the Union. “But you keep holding your own, and we have our campaign plan. Everybody has to do it the way they want to do it.”

However, Marco Rubio – the Establishment’s top candidate – refuses to accept defeat.

NYDailyNews reports:

“It’s not going to happen, when asked whether Trump would win his party’s nomination. “It will split us and splinter us in a way that we may never be able to recover and the Democrats will be joyful about it.”

“Donald Trump is trying to pull off the biggest scam in American political history,” Rubio continued. “Basically a con job where he’s trying to take over the Republican Party by basically telling people who he’s not, and so we’re going to do whatever it takes.”

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, Trump has already won 82 delegates (1,237 are needed for the nomination). With 595 Republican delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, it’s critical that campaigns finish strong to remain viable.

What are your predictions for Super Tuesday? Do you think Trump will sweep, or are we in for a surprise upset?

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