hillary-trumpWith the Iowa Caucus set take place Monday night, the final public opinion polls were released over the weekend.

The most anticipated was the Des Moines Register poll, which correctly predicted the outcome of the 2008 caucus and accurately picked up the surge by Rick Santorum that carried him to victory in 2012.

First the Democrat results as American Patriot Daily has reported here on the media’s scheme to tip the scales in Hillary’s favor and here on Obama’s plot to rig the Democrat primary for Hillary.

The Des Moines Register survey found:

While Bernie Sanders appeared to build momentum in early to mid-January, the RealClear Politics polling average shows Hillary holding a 3.3% lead in Iowa, according to the aggregate of all polls conducted.

A loss could be devastating for Hillary and would immediately revisit the narrative of 2008 all over again, where Hillary’s supposedly invincible juggernaut was felled in Iowa by a left-wing insurgent.

RealClearPolitics also shows Hillary leading in every poll conducted in the final 10 days of the campaign.

The Obama regime and liberal press tag-teaming to fix the caucus for Hillary appears to be working.

On the Republican side, the Register poll reported:

Public polling in the last two weeks finds a clear trend line of growing support for Donald Trump that continues to defy the establishment press.

In early December, Trump fell behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz, but the populist billionaire continued to perform well in the debates and pressed his message of upending the establishment to retake the lead.

Ted Cruz was just behind Trump at 23% in the Register poll, which equates with the RealClearPolitics average showing a jump ball race that could go either way on caucus night.

Jeb Bush, whose Super PAC splurged on a $15 million ad campaign in Iowa — the most of any of the candidates — sunk to 2% in the polls.

While the polls show Hillary and Trump with slight edges, everyone’s questions will be answered on caucus night and the scope of the 2016 Presidential race will finally take shape.