Former FBI Director James Comey is at war with Donald Trump.

He and his associates have been leaking the contents of memos and conversations in an attempt to damage Trump and force him from office.

But Comey has one big problem. He got caught telling a lie in front of Congress.

Former Director Comey and his allies have built up an image of him being the last honest man in Washington.

He’s the Boy Scout who stood up to the Bush administration and the one digging into the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia.

There is just one problem with this narrative.

It’s not true.

Comey is just as tainted and compromised as any other swamp creature in D.C.

On May 3rd, Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He was quizzed about the FBI’s use of section 702 of the FISA Act which allows the NSA to share contents of conversations obtained without a warrant, which can include those containing Americans picked up in contact with “foreign agents”.

Comey claimed that only authorized personnel with proper training were allowed to access these conversations and that they were lawfully obtained and proper oversight was in place.

The Washington Post reported the transcript of his answer:

“It sits in a single cloud-type environment, so that if I’m hoping an investigation in the United States in a terrorism matter, an intelligence matter or a criminal matter and I have a name of the suspect and there is a telephone number and their email addresses. I search the FBI’s databases. That search necessarily will also touch the information that was collected under 702 so that we don’t miss a dot, but nobody gets access to the information that sits in the 702 database unless they’ve been trained correctly…

…So my view is the information that’s in the 702 databases has been lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked, and our use of it is also appropriate and carefully overseen and checked.”

Recent revelations expose that answer as a lie.

In April 2017, the FISA court rebuked the FBI for their flagrant violations of the law in handling these communications and even ripped the FBI for an instance where data was shared with a third party who should not have had access to it.

Circa reports:

“Once-top secret U.S. intelligence community memos reviewed by Circa tell a different story, citing instances of “disregard” for rules, inadequate training and “deficient” oversight and even one case of deliberately sharing spy data with a forbidden party.

For instance, a ruling declassified this month by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) chronicles nearly 10 pages listing hundreds of violations of the FBI’s privacy-protecting minimization rules that occurred on Comey’s watch.

The behavior the FBI admitted to a FISA judge just last month ranged from illegally sharing raw intelligence with unauthorized third parties to accessing intercepted attorney-client privileged communications without proper oversight the bureau promised was in place years ago.”

It’s impossible to square these revelations with Comey’s May 3rd testimony.

If he lied before Congress, what else is he lying about?

And can anyone believe his anti-Trump leaks?

They look more and more like political retribution as opposed to an honest accounting of events.

We will keep you updated on any new developments in this story.

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