One of the great examples of liberal media bias is the failure to fully hold the Obama regime accountable for the scandal at the Veterans Administration.

Tragically, this lack of monitoring of the VA has led to our heroes receiving less than adequate medical care — and in some cases dying while being stuck on waiting lists because bureaucrats ignored them.

But the latest outrage from Obama’s VA is truly sickening.

Conservative Review reports on a Chicago area VA hospital that is so overrun by cockroaches that employees have seen them served in meals given to wounded vets:

A vermin infestation has overrun the kitchen of a suburban Chicago Veterans Affairs hospital and is reportedly so severe that cockroaches routinely crawl across countertops as cooks prepare meals. The insects have even found their way into patients’ food, employees say.

The bug invasion has attracted the attention of a U.S. Senator, who is demanding to know how the VA is fixing the problem. It’s just the latest scandal at an agency rocked by allegations of abuse, incompetence and the needless deaths of veterans who wait years for medical appointments.

“The workers try to brush the cockroaches off the counters, but the bugs get in the food,” said Germaine Clarno, a social worker at the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital in the Chicago suburb of Hines, IL. Clarno is the local AFGE Union President and has been working with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel as a whistleblower exposing secret appointment wait lists.

Clarno said she witnessed the problem firsthand three years ago when she saw roaches crawling on a dinner plate brought to a patient’s room. She recalled sending the food back before the veteran had a chance to see it and paying for a pizza delivery from an outside restaurant. “It’s been like this for years, ever since anyone can remember,” Clarno said.

It is unlikely that anyone will ever be held accountable by the Obama regime.

When the scandal over waitlist times burst into the American consciousness, very few people were fired over the mistreatment of vets, that in some cases led to individuals dying while waiting for medical treatment.

Robert McDonald, the Obama regime’s Secretary of Veterans Affairs, claimed 60 people were fired for their roles in this horrific scandal.

But a New York Times investigation found this to be an exaggeration. The paper reported that  the Department later walked back that statement and then claimed just 14 people were fired while 60 others received a slap on the wrist.  This statement was also found to be untrue.

The New York Times reports:

Now, new internal documents show that the real number of people removed from their jobs is much smaller still: at most, three.

The documents given this month to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, which provided them to The New York Times, show that the Department punished a total of eight of its 280,000 employees for involvement in the scandal. One was fired, one retired in lieu of termination, one’s termination is pending, and five were reprimanded or suspended for up to two months.

The only person fired was the director of the Phoenix hospital, Sharon Helman, who technically was removed not for her role in the manipulation of waiting lists but for receiving “inappropriate gifts,” according to the Department.

The reports veterans were dying while stuck on waiting lists was not enough to force the Obama regime to hold incompetent bureaucrats accountable for the tragedy.

So critics are not expecting much in the way of change after bombshell reports claim vets are being fed cockroaches by the Obama regime.

The best hope for better treatment of our heroic men and women in uniform who need medical care after serving our country is electing a different president — one who honors and respects our military.