The left is on the march tearing down statues and erasing America’s history.

Now they have a jaw-dropping new target.

And the Democrats want to cancel Mt. Rushmore for this crazy reason.

The socialist takeover of the Democrat Party is happening in real time.

Decades of universities indoctrinating kids into the Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky anti-American view of the country have finally come home to roost.

The left has now reached a critical mass of people who hate America in influential institutions, particularly the Democrat Party.

That was on full display after the Democrats’ official Twitter page posted a disgraceful message.

The Democrats now believe that Mount Rushmore is a form of white supremacy.

They were forced to delete the tweet after a deluge of backlash, but it doesn’t matter, the tweet showed where the heart of the party lies.

The left has been demoralizing Americans for years and years and years, so much so that pride in the country is dangerously low.

The country cannot sustain itself if people stop believing in the American creed, which wrought more freedom and prosperity than any nation in human history.

America has its flaws because human beings are flawed.

Despite those flaws, America has become a place where anybody can flourish with determination and ingenuity.

Sadly, that ethos is being lost and replaced with a Marxist materialist view of the world.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this trend is that even some Republicans are jumping on board out of fear.

They think the proverbial alligator will eat them last.

Even if that were true, they’re still going to get eaten.

That’s why it’s imperative that Americans begin to fight back and speak out against the leftist mob.

If the left’s voice is the only one that politicians and businesses hear, they’ll believe that is the prevailing thought.

But it’s not.

Studies show that less than 10% of the country is “progressive,” but they’re vocal and influential, and fellow travelers in the Democrat Party are all too eager to go along to get along.

It’s insane that Mount Rushmore has to be defended against one of the major political parties in America, but that’s the reality.

Every generation has to protect freedom, or it goes away.

The current battle can only be fought by speaking out.

If the culture of silence and intimidation wins, then free speech is dead.