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Going into the debate, many pundits thought it was Donald Trump’s best chance to shake up the race.

The President had a strategy and tried to execute it.

And the debate revealed one terrible truth about Joe Biden.

The debate has been described as “horrible,” “awful,” and “a dumpster fire.”

Amidst all the yelling and arguing, there was no real room for debate at all.

If anything, voters were shown an unprofessional Joe Biden and Trump acting the same as he always has.

But what do we take away from this debate, if we can call it that?

For starters, voters can determine that Trump has thrown no new surprises into the mix.

As Joe Cunningham of RedState blog put it:

“Trump is a known quantity going into a debate. You know how he’s going to behave and you know how he’s going to attack. With Trump, there is no level of decorum that he won’t violate. These are all things we know good and damn well.”

That was demonstrated very well in the debate.

Trump was Trump.

The American people know what to expect.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, offered a new side not seen before in his campaign.

Normally a mild-mannered and composed individual, Joe Biden seemed to lose his temper overly frequently during the debate.

While voters were hoping to see a composed individual take on Trump, what they got instead was two old men insulting each other all night.

This brought Biden’s popularity down even further than it was.

Instead of demonstrating decorum and proving to voters that he could be a competent President, Biden resorted to insults as he could not form coherent thoughts to defend his positions.

Cunningham continues, offering a bleak outlook on the debate:

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“If Biden can’t stay composed and is forced to call Trump stupid, tell him to shut up, flat out call him a liar and racist, and be belligerent in many of his exchanges, he is falling down to Trump’s level, not rising above it. If anything, American voters looking for a more presidential choice were left staring into empty glasses last night, wondering if it was possible to be any more pessimistic about the country’s future.”

Unfortunately, he is exactly right.

The debate did nothing to encourage those who already doubted the future of this country.

It offered no hope to those who were losing faith in politics and further illustrated how far politics has deteriorated as a whole.

Now voters are no closer to making an informed decision in November.

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