Obama’s support for Black Lives Matter is becoming one of his defining legacies.

His cheerleading for a group of violent agitators who condone and commit acts of violence toward police has infuriated many Americans.

And how the American people have reacted is a major slap to Obama’s face.

Obama’s administration instituted a plan where if anyone started a petition on the White House website and garnered 100,000 signatures, Obama would respond.

After five Dallas police officers were murdered in a sniper-style attack at a Black Lives Matter protest, someone started a petition to recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization.

In just days, the petition soared past the 100,000 signature mark.

Now Obama will be forced to respond.

The Daily Caller reports:

White House petition to formally recognize the Black Lives Matter movement as a terrorist organization garnered it’s one-hundred-thousandth signature Monday afternoon, the minimum-threshold for earning a response from the administration.

The petition had been created on Wednesday, July 6, but had only gathered 12,000 signatures in its first two days online.

“Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims,” writes the petitions author. “This definition is the same definition used to declare ISIS and other groups, as terrorist organizations.”

But Dallas wasn’t the only scene of Black Lives Matter violence.

A Black Lives Matter protest in Minnesota quickly spiraled into anarchy as over 20 police officers were injured.

One cop suffered broken vertebrae after a thug dropped a concrete cinder block on his head.

Violence toward police in Minnesota was just the standard operating procedure of Black Lives Matter; implementing their anti-police rhetoric.

Last year, Black Lives Matter activists marched at the Minnesota state fair, chanting, “Pigs in a blanket; fry ‘em like bacon!”

After this horrific display of encouraging violence against police, Obama invited the Black Lives Matters leaders to the White House.

Critics contend his embrace of the movement validates their behavior and spurs individuals to escalate from hateful rhetoric to physical attacks against law enforcement.

The fact that over 100,000 individuals rose up and delivered such a harsh rebuke sends the message that American’s are enraged at Obama for instigating attacks on the police by wholeheartedly supporting a noxious group like Black Lives Matter.

Did you sign the petition? Tell us your thoughts on Obama’s role of embracing violent movements.