Texas Senator Ted Cruz looked to shake up the Republican nominating contest.

Coming off his decisive victory in Wisconsin’s primary, he stumbled as Donald Trump stampeded to victory in six Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Trailing in the delegate count heading into the pivotal Indiana primary, Cruz made an announcement to try and change the trajectory of the contest.

He announced former Hewlett Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina, as his running mate.

Fiorina rose to prominence in the Republican contest with a star-making undercard debate performance in August — bringing sharp remarks against Hillary Clinton, and later slashing attacks on Planned Parenthood for their scheme to sell fetal tissue from aborted babies.

Politico reports on the announcement:

Ted Cruz announced Wednesday that Carly Fiorina will be his vice presidential pick if he’s the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

 If nominated, “I will run on a ticket with my vice-presidential nominee, Carly Fiorina,” the Texas Senator said at an Indiana rally before the crowd began chanting “Carly.”

The two appeared together in an hour-long event in Indianapolis, with Cruz alternating between lauding Fiorina and maintaining that he has a path forward in the race, despite suffering a series of losses over the last two weeks. Fiorina, who followed Cruz, shared stories about her own background and about Cruz, and even sang to his two young daughters from the stage, as she also railed against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Fiorina ended her campaign after the Iowa Caucus when she finished with two percent of the vote in Iowa and failed to qualify for the final debate before the New Hampshire primary.

Since leaving the race, she has endorsed Ted Cruz and has become a valuable surrogate on the campaign trail.

Fiorina stumped for Cruz in Wisconsin and was an asset that aided Cruz’s blowout victory in that primary — one that has kept his campaign alive.

In an email to her list, Fiorina explained why she accepted the offer to become Senator Cruz’s running mate:

I know the Ted Cruz the media won’t tell you about — the loving father, the devoted husband, the movie buff. (Did you know he can recite every single line from The Princess Bride?)

Ted Cruz is a constitutional conservative who has made enemies in both parties because he’s dared to stand up to bipartisan corruption in Washington.

 He has fought tirelessly to change the system. And I know, if elected, he will bring back American jobs, protect our constitutional freedoms, and defend our nation.

 Our country is being taken away by the elites, the crony capitalists, and the special interests that have captured both parties. They want to take away what we treasure about this nation.

 As you have heard me say before, we need to take our country back. I believe Ted Cruz is the man to lead that fight now. And I am prepared to give everything I have to ensure we defeat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.”

 Can the Fiorina announcement turn the tide of the GOP race?

Cruz trails Trump by 425 delegates, according to RealClearPolitics.

And Trump only needs to win 242 delegates to clinch the nomination.

But if the Fiorina endorsement boosts Cruz to victory in Indiana, where 57 delegates are up for grabs, it gives Cruz a fighting chance to force a contested convention if he can keep Trump from sweeping California’s 172 delegates.

And since Fiorina once ran for Senate in the Golden State, the Cruz campaign is banking on her home state appeal to help try and limit Trump’s delegate haul.

Will this play by Cruz work?

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