Liberal teachers still have not accepted the fact Donald Trump was elected President and is gearing up to take over the White House.

American voters rejected leftist policies and sent a loud and clear message on Election Day that Trump was the one to “Make America Great” again.

While voters are ready to repeal Obamacare, secure our borders, and bring jobs back to the United States, liberal teachers insist Americans don’t really want these things. Instead, they claim a group of “naïve people” believed the “lies of the right-wing”, therefore propelling Trump into office.

And liberal teachers aren’t just keeping their opinions to themselves.

Determined to influence the next generation of children, teachers are being instructed to train their students to reject Trump and everything he stands for.

TES, which boasts an audience of 7.3 million registered users and claims to “guide and inspire educators around the world”, published a piece by Oliver Beach instructing teachers on how to prepare their students for a “progressive rebellion”.

Breitbart reported:

“Asserting that the decisions of “naive voters” to opt for Trump and Brexit were “based on lies”, citing the property tycoon’s campaign promise to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, Beach said educators must prepare students to ‘empower and encourage’ young people to “challenge and question” right-wing politics.”

Beach’s article goes on to warn that the “success of the right” will cause Americans to “grab their pitchforks” as they ride the momentum wave of rejecting leftist policies.

Beach is terrified of the “global impact” of Trump’s victory.

TES reported:

“It is up to educators to change this. The next world leader is sitting in a classroom today.

The importance of young people being empowered and encouraged to challenge and question cannot be understated.

The global impact of the Trump era is yet to be revealed – but you can be sure it will be global.

Don’t think for one second that we’re not directly affected by the actions of the “land of the free”.

The success of the Right in gaining the highest political power with a narrative of pro-guns, anti-gays, limiting women’s reproductive rights and building physical national borders will give new momentum to those with similar views here and across Western democracies. “If he can do it, why can’t we?” they’ll cheer as they grab their pitchforks.

The extraordinary modern norm of accepting equality for many different minorities is under challenge.

In recent years, it need hardly be said, we’ve seen vast strides of progress in achieving social and civic liberties for under-represented groups.

But we’ve become complacent. We’ve forgotten that progressive rebellion is nearly always followed by reactionary counter-revolution. This is where we find ourselves. And this is why the role of educators – right now – could not be more important.

Educators must be curating minds that question their realities, not just accept them.”

This isn’t the first time liberals have attempted to use their power in the classroom to force students to accept their leftist beliefs.

Teachers around the country have been working overtime to silence free speech and forbid any student to say anything positive about Donald Trump.

As Conservative Revival previously reported, a liberal college faculty accused Trump of promoting “hate speech” and signed a letter banning free speech on campus.

And as American Patriot Daily previously reported, liberal hysteria was on full display on college campuses, with professors offering grief counseling to students, crying rooms, and even postponing midterms, all because Hillary Clinton suffered a massive defeat on election night.

Donald Trump will take office in a matter of weeks, and liberals need to accept the fact Donald Trump is their President, and he is in charge.

What do you think of liberals calling for a “progressive rebellion” against Trump?

Do you think teachers should force their liberal policies on the young children they teach in the classroom?

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