Things aren’t going so well for Target.

Since declaring so-called “transgenders” would have access to women’s bathrooms, their stock price has plunged 18%.

But their Chairman and CEO’s response to the company’s losses confused shareholders.

Target Chairman and CEO, Brian Cornell, fielded questions from shareholders at the company’s annual meeting.

Many were concerned about Target’s loss in revenue since a nationwide boycott was announced in response to their transgender bathroom policy.

Over a million Americans signed a petition pledging to never shop at the retail giant because they don’t feel safe following the company’s decree to allow mentally ill men and sexual predators to have access to the same bathrooms as their daughters.

But attendees were stunned by Cornell’s response, which many felt was evasive and offensive.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Justin Danhof, who heads the Free Enterprise Project and was in attendance at the meeting, asked Mr. Cornell whether he believes those who oppose the company’s stance are bigots.

“Didn’t answer the question,” Mr. Danhof said of the business executive’s response. “He gave a vacuous statement on, ‘We believe in diversity, we believe in inclusion, and everyone should feel safe in our stores.'”

“‘Support inclusivity, support inclusion’ – it means nothing. It’s meaningless,” he said. “Especially in response to questions asked very pointedly about,’ do you think these people are bigots?’  And my impression is that of course he does.”

Several other audience members questioned the company’s position permitting access to intimate facilities on the basis of gender identity, which sparked a nationwide boycott. More than 1.3 million people signed a petition pledging not to shop at the store in response to the policy.”

“Diversity” and “inclusion” are buzzwords liberals use to shut down dissent.

They frame the argument as one of tolerance, and anyone who is opposed to them is a bigot.

But the shareholders questioning Cornell had a legitimate question.

They have invested in the company and they are taking a financial hit.

The company’s 18% stock plunge means Target has lost billions of dollars.

But in the face of mounting opposition, Target’s leadership refuses to back down.

“They are dug-in,” Mr. Danhof said of Target. “I’ve been to dozens and dozens of shareholder meetings … and ever since the meeting ended this morning, I’ve been searching my memory bank to come up with a meeting where I left feeling the way that I did today.”

“I felt like I was called a bigot, essentially, and I felt that, if you are one of the millions of Americans who think that this policy is offensive, Target doesn’t want you as a customer, they don’t want you as an investor, they don’t want anything to do with you,” he said. “That’s how I felt leaving this meeting, and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that leaving a shareholder meeting.”

Transgenderism has become the latest front in the culture war.

After the Supreme Court imposed homosexual marriage, liberals moved on to the next staging ground in the conflict to fundamentally transform America.

And this battle to destroy the notion of gender identity is their latest move to obliterate the societal norms that underpin America.

By demolishing the cultural foundation of our nation, the left can remake America from a Republic that values limited government, free markets and traditional values into a left-wing “utopia.”

But as the Target boycott shows, Americans are fighting back.