boehnerGOP establishment punishes conservatives, even seeks to replace them with Democrats in 2016

House Speaker John Boehner is cracking down on Republicans who vote conservative, even taking steps to replace them with Democrats in 2016.

The fight comes to a head as Congress debates presidential trade authority and a trade deal with Asia.

Thirty-four Republicans crossed Boehner, who supports the package, and voted against a procedural rule to advance the legislation.

Now Boehner is carrying out his own Godfather-style day of payback.

North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows has been stripped of a subcommittee chairmanship on orders from Boehner.

Arizona Republican Trent Franks, Wyoming Republican Cynthia Lummis and New Mexico Republican Stevan Pearce all voted against the rule, and were kicked off the House Republican leadership team as punishment.

Astonishingly, Boehner is even trying to defeat conservative Republicans and replace them with liberal Democrats as a show of force.

The national Republican Party spends millions of dollars each election protecting the House Republican majority by defending vulnerable Republicans in swing districts.

But Iowa Republican Rod Blum, a first-term representative in a competitive district, has been blocked from receiving national party assistance as payback for not supporting Boehner for speaker in January.

“Colleagues worry that a vulnerable Iowa freshman who crossed the three-term House speaker may receive the political equivalent of the death penalty,” National Review reports.

“I was elected by Iowans to stand up to the status quo in Washington, DC, and I refuse to turn my back on them with my first vote,” said Iowa Republican Rod Blum after voting against Boehner for speaker in January.

“A month later, the National Republican Congressional Committee named twelve lawmakers who would receive support through its Patriot Program, a funding initiative dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable House members. Blum was not on the list, and he wasn’t among the eight Republicans chosen when the second round of program funding was announced in May, either,” says National Review.

Those decisions are made by Republican leadership, with Boehner calling the shots.

Without help, Blum’s seat could go to a liberal Democrat, putting them closer to reclaiming a majority.

Boehner is actually working to elect Democrats, putting his own speakership in danger, out of pure spite.

photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore