Representative Trey Gowdy recently spoke out again about the injustices in Hillary Clinton facing no legal consequences for her purposeful deceit in using an unsecured email server while she was Secretary of State.

Much has been discussed and dissected in the media about what Hillary did and what she did or did not know — but now Gowdy explicitly states that the State Department not only knew about the cover-up in protecting Hillary from prosecution, but the Department assisted in the cover-up.

Gowdy discloses it was understood from the beginning of the investigation that everything possible must be done to absolve Clinton of any wrongdoing, as President Obama’s legacy is dependent on Clinton continuing as a dominant force in the Democrat Party to carry on his policies, and therefore,  there was “no way they were going to prosecute her.”

When Trey Gowdy subpoenaed emails pertaining to Clinton’s involvement in the Benghazi attacks to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths of four Americans, a process to destroy the emails began.

Clinton had an arrangement with the State Department which included being allowed to keep emails from her time as Secretary of State for an extended period of two years, instead of immediately having to turn them over when an investigation was opened.

Gowdy is especially critical of the Department of Justice’s extension of immunity to members of Clinton’s staff, because why would immunity be needed if there was no wrongdoing?

Newsmax reports on Gowdy’s comments:

“Well, people who have done nothing wrong typically don’t ask for immunity so my question would be immunity from what? What was it you were worried about?”

Gowdy said he thinks that’s because Clinton “had classified information on those computers, so you offer immunity to Cheryl Mills, who has classified information on her computer. How can you possibly then prosecute Hillary Clinton for having classified information on her computer? You couldn’t do it.”

Also, he pointed out that the DOJ is headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who met on her private plane with former President Bill Clinton.

“[She] met on the tarmac for half an hour to discuss golf and grandkids with a potential witness, to say nothing about the spouse of a potential target, a potential witness in an investigation, she recuses herself?” said Gowdy.

“Someone in the Department of Justice had to decide to pass out these immunity agreements. I have seen the get out of jail free cards. What I don’t see is the jail. Usually you strike immunity to further a prosecution. There is no prosecution. It’s just five get-out-of-jail-free cards.”

Gowdy very clearly sees how the State Department helped Hillary Clinton and her staff cover their tracks to destroy any evidence that would cast a shadow of corruption on the Obama administration — or that would prevent Clinton from being elected as the next president.

Newsmax reports:

“Number one, if you think that there is evidence that is relevant to an investigation on a piece of physical property, you use a subpoena, a grand jury subpoena,” said Gowdy. “You don’t strike an immunity agreement with the computer, you go get the computer.

Not only were Clinton staffers granted immunity, but also the employees of the company who managed Clintons emails during and after her tenure as Secretary of State.

Last week, another round of documents was released by the FBI in which an employee of Platte River Networks, Clinton’s former email management company, confirmed in an email from 2014 that, “there was a cover-up operation going on with the former Secretary’s communications.”

From the granting of immunity to Clinton staff, to the secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, to the numerous bits and pieces which continue to emerge showing how deeply the Obama administration tried to bury wrongdoing to protect Clinton, through it all, Gowdy continues to push for the truth.

While Hillary Clinton brushes off any mention of her email scandal as “yesterday’s news”, more evidence of her corruption is uncovered each day — and more pieces of the puzzle which convinces Americans that the Obama/Clinton reign of terror must come to an end in November.