In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, liberals are out for blood.

And the activist-left and their fellow travelers in the so-called “mainstream” media have settled on Fox News as the big scalp they want to claim.

Now, one top star is warning that the left is agitating for one firing that would end Fox News as you know it.

Fox News co-President Bill Shine took over in the wake of Roger Ailes leaving the network.

Now that the so-called “mainstream” media and rabid leftists were able to force out Bill O’Reilly, they have set their sights on Shine.

New York Magazine reported:

“As Fox News is roiled by lawsuits and the ouster of Bill O’Reilly, the network’s co-president Bill Shine has retained the backing of the Murdoch. On Monday, Rupert Murdoch took network co-presidents Shine and Jack Abernethy to lunch at Marea, a seafood restaurant near Fox’s midtown headquarters — a highly public show of support. 

But privately, Shine is expressing concern about his future at the network. According to three sources briefed on the conversations, Shine has told friends he recently asked Rupert’s sons James and Lachlan — the CEO and co-chairman, respectively, of network parent company 21st Century Fox — to release a statement in support of him, but they refused to do so. The sources said Shine made the request because of withering press coverage of Fox News in recent weeks. A source added that Shine has privately complained that Rupert “isn’t fighting for him” in the press, which is why he wanted explicit support from the sons.”

Fox News star host Sean Hannity took to Twitter to declare he knew who was trying to get Shine fired and that removing Shine would “end Fox News as we know it.”



But this all could be part of a grand plan.

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch has allowed his sons Lachlan and James to take greater control of his empire.

Both are globalist liberals.

And there are reports James Murdoch wants to make Fox News more of a “mainstream” news channel.

Michael Wolff of The Hollywood Reporter wrote:

“James’ dream, wherein he hopes to match his father’s accomplishments, and which he has been spinning for all who might listen for many years now, is of combining Sky News and Fox News with the vast Murdoch reach and producing some ultimate global news brand. Where Fox News is parochial and America First, the new global brand is worldly and unlimited. It will give his family’s company, once the pirate company, new meaning and new stature — a force for stability instead of upheaval. Murdoch media, in an age of populist disruption, will stand for the established world order.”

Will Fox News change forever if Shine is fired and the Murdoch heirs take greater control of the network?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.