Tensions in the world are certainly high right now, but no two countries are on edge more than North and South Korea.

In the past few months, North Korea has been prepping their weapons and preparing for war, and quite publicly.

But in a surprising move, South Korea may have just been the ones to start war, as they let loose with machine gunfire in a strange event occurring on their border.

South Korea’s military responded to a report of an unidentified North Korean object crossing the border.

The object was first caught on radar, until it eventually crossed the demilitarized zone in the Gangwon Province.

The object was perceived to be a vehicle of some sort, but the analysis is still ongoing.

Warnings were sent out a total of three times to the North Koreans before South Korea opened fire.

The Daily Caller reported:

North Korea is believed to have at least 1,000 drones in its arsenal, but the South Korean military has yet to determine whether or not the object was an unmanned aerial vehicle. North Korea has sent drones into South Korean territory in the past, and while most were shot down or rebelled by warning shots, some have slipped past defenses.

South Korea forced a detected North Korean drone to retreat after firing on it early last year.

South Korea’s defense procurement agency revealed last September that the country plans to acquire precision weaponry to track, target, and eliminate small aircraft.

North Korea has launched 11 missile tests this year, and some observers suspect additional provocations are in store for the coming days.

No retaliation from North Korea has been reported yet, but knowing their trigger-happy leader, some sort of militant conflict should ensue.

In March, North Korea openly threatened both the United States and South Korea if they chose to carry out some tactical trainings that were intended for use against North Korea.

The Daily Caller reported:

Pyongyang is threatening pre emptive strikes against U.S. and South Korean troops in response to alleged decapitation drills targeting North Korean leadership.

U.S. and South Korean strategic plans for a nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula are said to include strikes on North Korean leadership, as well as the North’s weapons facilities and military command centers. The ongoing Foal Eagle drills reportedly involve joint exercises for such a situation.

South Korean media has reported that U.S. and South Korean special forces are training for such a contingency. North Korea asserts that these troops were dispatched “at the direct instruction of the U.S. president.”

While there have not been other major skirmishes with North Korea lately, South Korea just made a major move against the country.

Unfortunately, North Korea seems hellbent on initiating a World War III, and South Korea’s defensive tactics may have sparked the first major military conflict.

Do you think North Korea will strike back against South Korea?

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