Anti-gun Hillary’s last minute campaign effort to woo the African American community in South Carolina appears to have paid off.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, Clinton pulled out all the stops to secure the African American vote.

“The epidemic of gun violence stalking our land is another barrier holding us back,” Clinton said. “Gun violence by far is the leading cause of death for young African-American men, next to the nine other causes combined,” reports the Miami Herald.

After an almost 50-point lead in last Saturday’s South Carolina Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton’s campaign received a significant boost which just may push her over the edge to victory.

But how can someone currently under an FBI investigation win by such a landslide? Just how did Hillary sweep South Carolina?

“The bottom line is that Sanders still hasn’t found any way to appeal to black voters, who made up a large percentage of Democratic turnout. Without them no candidate can compete for a Democratic presidential nomination. The exit polls in South Carolina project Sanders lost the black vote by some 70 percentage points. That not only doomed him today, but also it dooms him in far too many states to have any serious chance of being nominated.”

 Accepting defeat in South Carolina, Sanders boarded a plane to focus on winning the Super Tuesday states.

 Will Sanders be able to stop the Clinton machine? Many political insiders suggest that for Clinton to maintain her lead against Sanders, it all comes down to Super Tuesday.

The New York Times reports:

“The rout was both politically and psychologically meaningful for Mrs. Clinton and her allies, who have been waiting for a moment that validated her candidacy with the level of unqualified intensity that South Carolina delivered. The huge margin of victory — she won nearly 74 percent of the vote — will extend her lead over Mr. Sanders in delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination. But the results also helped her extinguish any doubts about her ability to win big with Democrats and about her broad appeal among minority voters, who will be decisive in many delegate-rich primaries in March.”

Do you think Sanders can stop the Clinton Machine? Or are we one step closer to having Hillary Clinton as our Commander in Chief?

One thing is almost certain, if Hillary’s South Carolina victory is any indication of how Super Tuesday will play out, the Sanders campaign is finished.