Elizabeth Warren is a darling of the left.

And she’s widely expected to run for President in 2020.

So the setback she just encountered left observers shocked – because no one could have predicted it.

Like most politicians who are preparing for a Presidential campaign, Warren released a book.

The point of these books is to introduce the politician with their life story and weave it into a coherent political narrative along with their political philosophy and vision for America.

They are terribly boring books, but they set the stage for a book tour which generates free media for the Presidential hopeful.

But there was one disturbing development for Warren.

Authors are always paid an advance for producing a book.

Politicians are no different.

Warren’s contract called for a $200,000 advance for “The Fight is our Fight.”

But this was a massive pay cut from her previous book advance.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) was paid a $200,000 advance for her recently released book “This Fight is Out Right,” according to her 2016 financial disclosure filing.

The filing, first reported by the Boston Globe, shows that the $200,000 from Henry Holt and Company accounted for the bulk of Warren’s 2016 salary. The disclosure says that the “advance and royalties” for the book were agreed upon in November 2016 and “based on customary and usual terms.”

The Globe reports that Warren’s previous book, which was also published by Henry Holt and Company, earned her a much larger $500,000 advance.”

Was Warren’s book advance cut because there is not as much demand for her work?

Is this a sign of trouble to come for her Presidential campaign?

A recent poll found 46 percent of Massachusetts voters think someone else should be their Senator.

Politico reports:

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren may not have an easy path to reelection in 2018.

A poll released Monday shows that 46 percent of Massachusetts voters think it’s time for someone else to have a shot at the Senate.

“It’s not a great place to start for her, but she still would be the favorite at this point,” said MassINC Polling Group President Steve Koczela, who conducted the poll with public radio station WBUR.”

Warren’s softer-than-expected poll numbers and book sales indicate she may not be as formidable a candidate as the left was expecting.

Because the media is dominated by far-left ideologues, they have built Warren up as an unstoppable political force of nature.

But the media also built up Hillary Clinton in a similar fashion.

And everyone knows how that worked out.