Long after his confirmation hearings, Brett Kavanaugh is still under attack.

The left is still trying to discredit and destroy Justice Kavanaugh.

And now something from Brett Kavanaugh’s past just came back to haunt him.

In far-left activist Ben Smith’s media column in The New York Times, Smith reported that during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron spiked a story by legendary reporter Bob Woodward outing Brett Kavanaugh as the source for his 1999 book, “Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate” for the section of the book about the Ken Starr investigation into Bill Clinton.

“Mr. Woodward was planning to expose Mr. Kavanaugh because the judge had publicly denied — in a huffy letter in 1999 to The Post — an account about Kenneth Starr’s investigation of President Bill Clinton that he had himself, confidentially, provided to Mr. Woodward for his book. (Mr. Kavanaugh served as a lawyer on Mr. Starr’s team.),” Smith wrote.

“The article was nearly ready when the executive editor, Martin Baron, stepped in. Mr. Baron urged Mr. Woodward not to breach his arrangement with Mr. Kavanaugh and to protect his old source’s anonymity, three Post employees said,” Smith added.

Smith reported that Baron rejected Woodward’s story because Baron did not believe in outing a source.

“Mr. Baron’s opposition to Mr. Woodward’s story, people who work with him said, wasn’t about favoring Mr. Kavanaugh, or being afraid of a fight. Publishing the article would simply violate the traditional principle that sources should be protected. And it would veer into an uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing new form of journalism, and, in Mr. Baron’s view, imperil the reputation of the institution,” Smith wrote.

Woodward wanted to torch his professional credibility and ethics to claim Kavanaugh lied in a letter he wrote 19 years prior to undercut Kavanaugh’s denials of Christine Blasey Ford’s false allegations of sexual assault from 36 years prior.

If Kavanaugh lied about being Woodward’s source – the thinking went – he must have been lying in his denials about Blasey Ford’s allegations.

The fake news media disgraced itself during the Kavanaugh hearing.

NBC gave Julie Swetnick airtime to make her hoax allegations that Brett Kavanaugh attended parties while in high school where gang rapes took place.

And every fake news reporter in America uncritically accepted Christine Blasey Ford’s dubious allegations.

Bob Woodward – who famously kept former FBI official Mark Felt’s identity as Deep Throat secret for over 30 years – wanted to burn Brett Kavanaugh because destroying a conservative Supreme Court nominee was a goal where the ends justified the means.

Two years later, Ben Smith did Bob Woodward’s dirty work by outing Kavanaugh as a confidential source.

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