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Hunter Biden isn’t the only member of the family whose behavior is out of control.

Joe Biden would rather the court case didn’t get out to the press.

Some strings got pulled to keep a Joe Biden family secret quiet.

Caroline Biden is Joe Biden’s niece and she is facing DUI charges after she crashed her car into a tree.

Court documents said that Jeffrey Seamans, the officer who responded to the scene, found “Biden had difficulty focusing on the conversation” and that bottles of carisoprodol and lorazepam, both controlled substances, were found in the car.

“It was Officer Seamans’ opinion that Biden was under the influence of an intoxicating substance to such a degree that she was incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle,” the affidavit reads.

“If convicted of this offense, the mandatory minimum sentence is 72 hours in jail, a fine of at least $1,000 and a one-year license suspension & ignition interlock,” Mark Bergstrom, executive director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing said to the New York Post.

Luckily for the Biden campaign, her court date just happens to be the day after the election after being delayed multiple times at the request of her legal team.

It’s a highly convenient development for Democrats but a representative for the Pennsylvania court system claimed that the November 4th date was auto-generated.

“No judge was involved in the scheduling of the formal arraignment,” court spokeswoman Stacey Witalec said.

This isn’t the first time Caroline Biden has had run-ins with the law.

In 2013 she was arrested for hitting a police officer after a fight with her roommate but the charges were dropped after she promised to take anger management classes.

In 2017 she was arrested for spending over $100,000 on a stolen credit card. After being convicted of a felony, it was thrown out and she was given a “sweetheart plea deal” where she only pled guilty to petty larceny, a charge that usually involves stolen goods valued at less than $50.

She served 10 days of community service and repaid the money.

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“I not only acknowledge my conduct and take responsibility but deeply regret the harm caused,” Caroline said at the time. “I can assure you that I have made amends, full restitution, completed community service and that nothing like this will ever happen again.”

Joe Biden is already facing allegations of nepotism because of the advantageous foreign deals his son Hunter secured while Biden was Vice President.

There was a shocking conflict of interest in Hunter Biden being paid up to $50,000 a month by a Ukrainian energy company while his father was working on anti-corruption Ukrainian foreign policy.

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