It is well known that fraud occurs in elections.

And with immigration a hot-button issue, it was recently found that illegal immigrants were sent voter cards and voted when they clearly were not qualified to do so.

But dead people voting?  Or convicted felons?  Even children?

Sadly, these scenarios have played out in the most recent election season, and watchdog group Judicial Watch is doing something about it.

Judicial Watch announced this week:

Notice-of-violation letters have been sent, threatening to sue 11 states having counties in which the number of registered voters exceeds the number of voting-age citizens, as calculated by the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011-2015 American Community Survey. According to the letters, this is “strong circumstantial evidence that these … counties are not conducting reasonable voter registration record maintenance as mandated under the [National Voter Registration Act] NVRA.”  Both the NVRA and the federal Help America Vote Act require states to take reasonable steps to maintain accurate voting rolls.

Judicial Watch asked the states to “conduct or implement a systematic, uniform, nondiscriminatory program to remove from the list of eligible voters the names of persons who have become ineligible to vote by reason of a change of residence, death or a disqualifying criminal conviction.”  The states are also asked to remove from voter registration lists “noncitizens who have registered to vote unlawfully.”

A recent op-ed in The Washington Times reported on some of the most outrageous incidents of voter fraud:

Democrats and the mainstream media have been fighting accusations of a “rigged” system, rife with voter fraud and those eager to protect the status quo. The left, predictably, says this type of talk is “dangerous” to the integrity of our electoral system.

This is where the left is wrong: The argument isn’t whether voter fraud is real, but how widespread it is.

In the 2016 general election, the following incidents of voter fraud were uncovered – and surely there remain others not discovered or reported.

The Washington Times goes on to report instances of:

*Dead people voting in Colorado;

*Illegals found voting in Virginia; only discovered after they self-reported;

*Illegal voters uncovered in Philadelphia; half had previously voted;

*Underage voters found voting in Wisconsin’s presidential primary;

 *Voter registration cards sent to illegals in Pennsylvania.

Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act requires states to make a reasonable effort to remove the names of ineligible voters from official lists due to “the death of the registrant” or “a change in the residence of the registrant” and also requires states to ensure non-citizens are not registered to vote.

And now, Judicial Watch has started an “Election Integrity Project” aimed at uncovering and reporting incidents of voter fraud so that elections are fair and impartial.

Judicial Watch reported:

The integrity of our elections is under systematic assault by leftist activists and politicians whose objective is clearly to manipulate the elections for their own gain. Judicial Watch investigators have evidence that special interests, government entities, and even the current administration are:

  • Refusing to force states to clean their voter rolls of deceased and moved voters;
  • Fighting state efforts to require voters to show a photo ID at the polls;
  • Failing to enforce our federal laws against illegal immigration and effectively ending the deportation of illegal aliens, thereby swelling the population of potential illegal voters.

And as Judicial Watch uncovers more and more evidence of the breadth and scale of this effort, it is becoming clear that the objective of what we are seeing is to get leftist candidates elected.

“Dirty election rolls can mean dirty elections,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “These 11 states face possible Judicial Watch lawsuits unless they follow the law and take reasonable steps to clean up their voting rolls of dead, moved, and non-citizen voters.”

It looks like those on the left will now have to win elections fairly, with votes cast by legally registered American citizens.