It’s happening.

The “Blue Wall” of electoral votes – known for supposedly handing the Democrats a lock on a Presidential election – is cracking.

And the latest evidence is from a poll out of a state no Republican has carried since 1988.

A Clout Research poll of Oregon found Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton 44% to 42%.

This poll was released on the heels of several general election match-up polls showing Trump had surged into a statistical tie with Hillary after trailing by double-digits during the primary season.

The liberal press and establishment Republicans all claimed none of this would be possible.

The Blue Wall refers to the 18 states, mainly on both coasts, that Democrats have won in the last six Presidential elections.

These 18 states account for 242 of the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the Presidency.

A Democratic candidate then needs only to find 28 Electoral College votes to clinch the election.

In contrast, Republicans have won just 13 states in the last six elections, accounting for only 102 Electoral College votes.

But throughout his campaign, Trump has maintained that he can rewrite the electoral map which seems stacked in the Democrats favor.

The Clout Poll out of Oregon is just one of several polls released since Trump sewed up the GOP nomination which backs up his claim.

In New Jersey, a Monmouth University survey revealed Hillary clinging to a narrow 38% – 34% lead over Trump – and New Jersey is a state Democrats have won in every Presidential contest since 1992.

A poll out of New Hampshire finds Hillary and Trump tied at 44%.

The last time Republicans won New Hampshire was in 2000 and it’s what helped push George W. Bush over the top in the closest Presidential election seen in decades.

The establishment Republican candidates have failed to make a dent in the Blue Wall ever since.

But Trump’s ability to consolidate the Republican Party after his primary win, and make inroads into the Democrat coalition, is allowing him to lead – or at least remain competitive – in states Republicans haven’t carried in a generation.

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, detailed Trump’s ability to forge a new coalition to win the Presidency and explained that the old rules and conventional wisdom should be thrown out the window.

Breitbart reports:

“What’s going to happen is, this is going to surprise you, I think you’re going to see us replace red and blue states with green for Trump and orange for Hillary and you’re going to see Trump will be competitive almost everywhere in America because the potential today, for example, when he’s on your show, he’s in 435 congressional districts,” Gingrich said.

“Look, I believe, and you heard it here for the first time so you can keep this and play it later on the air. Just as there were once Reagan Democrats, I think there are going to be ‘Trump Americans’ and they’re not going to be people who rush in and decide they’re Republican the next day” he explained. “They’re going to say, ‘Look, to make America great again, I’m going to be for Donald Trump.’ They’re going to be in all 50 states. They’re going to be in places you never expected. I think we’re going have a new map. As I said, replace red and blue because it’s the old order. Replace it with green for Trump and orange for Hillary and you’re going to have a very different map by election day.”