obama iranBarack Obama appears set to win a congressional vote on his Iran deal.

But Democrats are heading to defeat on another vote on the deal — this one cast by voters in 2016.

“If the question is that they have voted for something that the American people think is dire and ends up having dire consequences because the majority will of the Congress and the vast majority will of the country’s been ignored, I fear the Democrats will live with this issue of ‘they lost the Middle East.’ And that will be painful election after election,” says Democrat political comsultant and pollster Pat Caddell in an interview with WND radio.

Caddell knows a thing or two about how Iran can affect presidential elections.  He served as a political adviser to Jimmy Carter, whose handling of a hostage taking by Iran led to his defeat in 1980.

And Caddell sees Obama making the same mistakes that doomed Carter.

“We know in 1979-80 the Iran hostage situation, and the Democratic Party’s inability to solve that satisfactorily, hurt the Democratic Party,” he said. “We are now dealing with a situation where overwhelming majorities of Americans oppose this agreement that has been engineered by Secretary of State (John) Kerry and the president.”

Polling by Caddell shows “65 percent of Americans oppose the deal when they learn some of the critical details,” World Net Daily reports.

Nearly every poll taken finds most voters oppose Obama’s Iran deal.

“Large majorities of Democrats look at a deal in which the side agreements on inspections, even without the knowledge Iran would be self-testing its violations, the questions about handing over $100-150 billion almost immediately for their nefarious activities; all of these things which the public opposes in 75-80 percent numbers,” says Caddell.

“The American electorate has made the decision by well over two-to-one that the president and John Kerry are not being honest with the facts. They’re only telling the American people what they think might convince them. This is a real departure. Either the Democratic Party is the party of democracy or not. I think senators are going to find themselves not only in trouble in general elections, I think they’ll have troubles in primaries,” says Caddell.

Caddell predicts voters will punish Democrats, whom they feel are jeopardizing their personal security.

“You cannot go fly in the teeth of what is now overwhelming opposition, registering in almost every survey of well over 60 percent of the people, show utter contempt for the constitutional processes by going to the U.N. first and then think it’s not going to have an impact,” Caddell concludes.