An independent investigation into the deaths of dozens of veterans, who, at the hands of VA Administration officials, were deliberately left to die, resulted in the recommendation of criminal charges in all 55 cases.

The Obama Justice Department refused to charge anyone for the killings in 46 of the cases.

The other 9 cases have yet to be resolved, and all could be easily dismissed.

Not only has the Obama Administration not convicted anyone for the killing of the veterans due to gross negligence, they won’t even charge those who already admitted wrongdoing.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Justice Department officials have declined to pursue dozens of criminal investigations into employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs who allegedly participated in a national effort to cover up long delays in care by creating fake patient waiting lists.

As of Dec. 3, the Justice Department has refused to pursue any charges in 46 of 55 cases referred by the VA’s own inspector general. Nine cases are still pending, according to a letter from Rep. Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that was obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Despite the widespread attention VA officials have received for manipulating patient wait times, the Justice Department has acknowledged opening just one criminal investigation into a practice that took place at 110 VA facilities across the country.

Obama’s refusal to charge those responsible is even more shameful in light of just how brutal the veterans’ deaths were.

“Some patients with bladder and prostate cancer died waiting for care, and medical treatment for almost 1,500 others was delayed because of short-staffing and mismanagement of urology care at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix, a new investigation has found,” The Washington Post reported in October.

Worse yet, the negligence that prompted investigators to recommend the 55 criminal charges in the first place, still continues under the Obama Administration today.

“Senior officials at the medical center, the center of a national scandal last year over fudged wait times, did little to respond to a severe staffing shortage as recently as April 2015, investigators for the Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general found,” the Post reports.

It seems under the Obama Administration federal employees can practically get away with murder.