Republican congressional leaders are facing the high potential of yet another failure when it comes to repealing ObamaCare.

They have been working tirelessly for nine months to find an alternative to the plan. However, the odds are certainly not in their favor.

After all, Republican Senators John McCain, Rand Paul and Susan Collins are strongly opposing the measure. This lack of support is making it incredibly difficult to get a new plan to pass.

Not to mention, the GOP is facing a looming September 30th deadline. GOP Senators frantically made changes to the legislation over the weekend in order to make it more attractive to voters. These changes include moving more funding to the states of senators that are holding out.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be enough to sway the crowd and save the bill from complete and utter failure.

As Republicans near the end of their preparation time, some in the GOP are beginning to announce how they should have done things differently.

“We should have started with taxes,” said one Senate GOP aide. “It’s not easy for Republicans to coalesce around health care. We know how to cut taxes.”

Cutting taxes is not only a popular political stance, but is also one of the GOP’s specialties. This decision to not begin with this move may have cost them the vote, due to lack of time.

Regardless of the outcome, tax reform is the next item on Trump’s to-do list. Unfortunately, another failure of the GOP will likely mean trouble and friction within the party, even after Trump moves forward.