Irony at its finest was displayed on the steps of the U.S. Capitol this past week.

Senate Democrats, in a typical attempt to politicize the recent murders at Umpqua Community College, gathered on the steps of the Capitol and shouted for more gun control.

However, as the Senate Democrats rallied together demanding more gun control, they were surrounded by armed guards.

The Washington Times covered the story in an article titled  Armed guards protect Senate Democrats as they demand new gun-control laws,

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) said:

 “The victims and their families deserve better than a Congress that shrugs its shoulders and waits for the next tragedy,” reported CNN. It’s truly unbelievable Senate Democrats feel the necessity to be protected and surrounded by armed guards, as they try and take guns away from law-abiding citizens.In fact, it’s downright shameful.We already know the Oregon shooting took place in a ‘Gun Free Zone.'”

But sadly, the Democratic Senators and their anti-gun crew choose to ignore the facts, and instead use the Oregon massacre as a shameful opportunity to force their gun control agenda down the throats of American gun-owners.

The Washington Times reported 27 Democratic Senators attended the event and “echoed Obama’s calls to stop the scourge of gun violence.”

After the shooting, Obama screamed for more gun control and said our “thoughts and prayers were not enough.” Instead of directing his anger at the murderer who slaughtered innocent Christians, or at the College for not allowing its students to carry a gun, he directed his anger at law-abiding citizens who own firearms.

The Hill reported Obama’s failure to pass gun-control legislation has been the biggest frustration of his presidency.

When will the anti-gun crowd stop lying to the American people?

Taking away guns does not make Americans safer. In fact, as the horrific murder at the Oregon Community College sadly demonstrated, it has the opposite result.

CNN reported:

“We’re here to start a national movement,” said Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, who was governor of his state when the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre left 32 dead. “The only way we can keep the weapons out of the hands of those who are convicted felons, or terrorists, or those who are abusers or stalkers, or those who have been adjudicated as mentally ill and dangerous, is to have a background record system that works.”

Stricter gun laws are not the answer. Taking guns out of the hands of the good guys only allows those who wish to harm others the ability to do so in greater detail.