hillary-smileSecret power brokers operating free from accountability to the voters conspired to steal victory for Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.

In that contest, Hillary was trounced by over twenty points in an historic blowout.

But presidential nominating contests are determined by delegates, not vote totals.

And guess who walked out of New Hampshire with the most delegates?

If you picked Bernie Sanders you just don’t know the Clintons.

The actual numbers showed Hillary left New Hampshire with 15 delegates to Bernie Sanders 13.

How can this be?

A little talked about aspect of the Democrat primary are Super Delegates.

Super Delegates are party big wigs and office holders in each state who can back any candidate they so choose.

The Daily Caller reports:

“New Hampshire has 24 “pledged” delegates, which are allotted based on the popular vote. Sanders has 13, and Clinton has 9, with 2 currently allotted to neither.

But under Democratic National Committee rules, New Hampshire also has 8 “super delegates,” party officials who are free to commit to whomever they like, regardless of how their state votes. Their votes count the same as delegates won through the primary.

New Hampshire has 8 super delegates, 6 of which are committed to Hillary Clinton, giving her a total of 15 delegates from New Hampshire as of Wednesday at 9 a.m.

The state’s 2 remaining super delegates remain uncommitted.”

American Patriot Daily has aggressively covered Hillary and her campaign’s attempt to thwart the will of the voters through cheating Iowa here  and here

It’s clear Hillary and her minions don’t respect the will of the voters.

If you count Hillary’s super delegates, she holds a commanding 394 to 42 lead in the race for the presidential nomination.

Those numbers are despite her clearly cheating to win Iowa and being blown out in New Hampshire.

The Democrat establishment knows Bernie Sanders and his trillions upon trillions of new taxes and spending in the name of socialism is a sure loser in November.

So even with Hillary under criminal investigation by the FBI (hyper link “criminal investigation by the FBI” http://www.americanpatriotdaily.com/latest/the-fbi-just-destroyed-another-hillary-lie/), the party big wigs are willing to take a flyer on her candidacy.

But what kind of nominee would Hillary make if the party establishment rips away the nomination from a candidate clearly supported by the Democrat voters?

National polls show Hillary’s massive lead evaporating and the race deadlocked in a virtual tie.

If the super delegates give the nomination to Hillary, the Democrat party can no longer be recognized as a major political party in the world’s greatest republic.  In that case, the party would resemble a mafia crime family or corrupt Soviet political party.