WikiLeaks continues to release emails that create negative headlines for Hillary Clinton.

The latest email dump contains startling revelations about Bill Clinton.

And they explain why he is a drag on her campaign.

A generation of Americans is being exposed to Bill Clinton’s affairs and abuse of women for the first time.

That’s causing problems for Hillary.

The situation was serious enough that an email was found in the leaked correspondence to Campaign Chairman, John Podesta.

It explained that some prominent media members consider Bill Clinton’s sex life as damaging to Hillary.

You can read the email released by WikiLeaks below:


Date: 2016-01-10 13:17 Subject: Confidential

I had a multi-email exchange with someone in the media this morning—a name you would know—who is telling me that there are people close to the Clintons who says WJC’s sex life could be damaging to her. I responded that I totally disagree with that, that WJC’s presidency and his personal appeal are huge assets and that I do not believe people who are the closest to the Clintons believe what this person in the media is hearing from somebody.

 I never ask journalists about their sources. I know you would be among them. I also know that for some times there were people purportedly close to the Clintons pushing the line that the less WJC the better. Which again I have always strongly disagreed with and still do.

 My point in this note is that whoever is peddling this crap from somewhere within the Clinton camp is having the effect of encouraging the media to give the issue more prominence. They are hurting both Clintons. I always stay out of intra-staff stuff like this, both Clinton’s would be well advised to advise the people in their orbit to shut the hell up about this. Even if I thought Bill Clinton was a liability I would never in a million years write it, or say it to the media, but I think he is a huge asset and I also think some of the people they pay do not perform a service to them.

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This could explain why Donald Trump made Bill Clinton’s accusers a prominent feature in the second Presidential debate.

He invited four of the women to attend the debate, and even staged a pre-debate press conference so they could tell their story.

One of the women, Kathy Shelton, was raped as a 12 year-old and then was forced to endure Hillary laughing about getting Shelton’s rapist off at his trial.

Shelton tweeted out encouragement over being allowed to have their voices heard.

The trail of abused and victimized women Bill and Hillary Clinton have left in their wake astonishes many Americans.

For years, the media has worked to keep the allegations against Bill under wraps.

But with Donald Trump using his never-before-seen platform to litigate the Clinton sex scandals, many Americans are realizing just who the Clintons are as people.