Hillary Clinton supporters spent months alleging the Russians were behind the hacks into the email accounts of prominent Democrats.

But that begged one simple question: Why didn’t the Obama administration do anything in response?

Well, the secret answer to that question just got revealed.

Lisa Monaco was Barack Obama’s chief homeland security and counter-terrorism adviser.

She was recently interviewed by Politico and explained why the Obama administration didn’t raise a public profile of the issue.

Politico reports:

“Few former officials have explained it, but in a new interview for The Global POLITICO, Lisa Monaco, President Obama’s top homeland security and counterterrorism adviser, describes a White House afraid of “doing the Russians’ work for them.” By going public before the election with evidence that the Kremlin was trying to help Donald Trump , the Obama team feared, they’d be accused of intervening to help Hillary Clinton. So they mostly kept quiet despite intense lobbying from fellow Democrats to say more before the voting.”

Clinton supporters – and partisan Democrats – tried to make Russia an issue during the campaign.

In one debate, Clinton even flat-out accused Trump of being a puppet for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Politico reports that Congressional Democrats wanted to put out a statement about the alleged Russian hacks, but were shot down by the Obama administration:

“But Monaco confirmed in the interview that top White House officials privately objected to a strong statement from Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the two top Democrats on the congressional intelligence committees, in September that said Russia was specifically targeting the U.S. elections; they did so, she said, because the statement was “not bipartisan.”

Monaco says that’s because the Obama administration was at the time focused on seeking cooperation for a last-ditch effort by the Department of Homeland Security to avoid Russian tampering in the actual voting process. But the administration, she said, faced a backlash from state and local governments who viewed the DHS cybersecurity election push as “a big federal takeover” and were reluctant to cooperate. That was the case that she, FBI Director James Comey and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson made in a secret briefing of top members of Congress in the fall, during a session at which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) reportedly balked at their characterization of the evidence of Russian involvement in the hack.”

McConnell’s objection to the lack of evidence could point to the real reason why the Obama administration never stepped up the accusations against Russia – because the evidence was shaky.

No proof has yet to emerge to link Russia to the hacks.

While the Obama administration did produce a report on the email hacking, it only asserted that the Russian government was behind the cyberattacks.

However, the report did not contain any proof.

And if any evidence does exist, it hasn’t been shared.

Even still, Americans are right to be skeptical of the intelligence community’s assessment, since it was prepared by the same Obama administration which has also been accused of selectively leaking classified intelligence to hurt Donald Trump.

If this is not the case, and the Russians were behind the hacks, then the Clinton campaign’s beef isn’t with Donald Trump or Russian hackers, it is with the Obama administration for dropping the ball.

Why do you think the Obama administration didn’t do more to combat the alleged Russian cyberattacks during the election?

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