Portrait of a girl using asthma inhalerEmma Gonzales has experienced a rough couple of days.

The 9-year old Emma had a coughing episode that was so severe she was taken to the emergency room, according to Fox13.

Thankfully, she was okay and was released with an inhaler in case the coughing spell returned, which it did.

Sitting in her 4th grade classroom, Emma started coughing and immediately reached for her inhaler.

Emma was prepared and knew how to use her inhaler, but unfortunately she didn’t get the chance.

When a school official noticed Emma grab the inhaler, her teacher sent her to the office where school administrators took away her inhaler….even though Emma was coughing so hard she threw up on herself, according to this Fox News report.

ABC15  reports that although her father was called and even gave permission to the school to let Emma use her inhaler, the school still refused and denied little 9-year old Emma her inhaler because the  proper “paperwork” wasn’t filled out.

All you can do is just feel helpless sometimes especially when the people who are taking care of her say that they’re not going to help her if something happens,” said Emma’s father, Scott Cowan.

Instead of admitting they were wrong and apologizing for denying Emma her inhaler, school officials defended their decision:

“There could be all sorts of problems if children were just allowed to take any medication and we didn’t have that verification. Again, this is for the student’s safety,” said district spokeswoman Sandy Riesgraf.

But Emma’s parents weren’t having it.

Her parents were quoted saying they “understood the need to fill out paperwork” but wished the school would have done more, Fox13 reports.

When a child is puking all over themselves and they can’t breathe, you know you kind of have to take action right then and there”, said Emma’s mother.

Emma’s parents made the decision to pull Emma out of school until the paperwork is completed.

While it’s admirable to want to protect Emma from using medicine that wasn’t hers, when her parents were called and gave permission, the school should have allowed Emma to use her inhaler.

Thankfully, Emma’s coughing fit did stop and she didn’t end up back in the emergency room.

It’s understandable her parents want to keep her out of school until it is safe for her to return with her inhaler… and her completed paperwork.