According to an article from the New York Times, a ground attack is the only conceivable way that our great nation can find and destroy all the nuclear weapons in North Korea’s arsenal. Although this is a dangerous tactic, it is the only way we can know for sure that the country won’t use these weapons against us.

But how dangerous is it?

According to the article, the casualty rate for this kind of attack would be extremely high. The U.S. troops, as well as U.S. civilians in South Korea, will suffer catastrophic loss. The idea will also likely terminate millions of South Koreans, and will endanger troops and civilians in both Japan and Guam.

What’s worse, North Korea can retaliate to our  plot in a devastating number of ways. Due to their intense assortment of biological weapons, these can “produce nerve, blister, blood, and choking agents” to our troops.

Trump is now aware of this report, and is currently in the midst of a 12-day tour of Asian nations. The enormous threat that North Korea poses to our country will be a major point of conversation.

The effects that a ground invasion can have on our country (as well as the citizens of South Korea, Japan and Guam” are terrifying – and the discussion around this topic has been ramping up across the Pentagon, as well as major news agencies.

ABC News has been calling out President Trump for making “provocative statements,” about Kim Jong Un, and is saying these statements and threats are putting the U.S. at risk.