Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is facing hurdles that no other sitting president had to overcome.

One of these challenges ended up in front of the Supreme Court.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg handed Trump one legal victory that may secure his second term.

In 2016, Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig spearheaded an effort to deny Donald Trump the presidency by pressuring so-called “faithless” electors to cast their votes in the Electoral College for a candidate other than Trump.

The Supreme Court heard a challenge to a Washington state law that fined three “faithless electors” that cast their ballots for Colin Powell instead of Hillary Clinton.

When the decision came down, it wasn’t even close.

The Supreme Court handed down a 9 to 0 unanimous decision upholding the ability of states to force electors to cast their ballots for the candidate that won their Electoral College votes.

Even the court’s four liberals – including Ruth Bader Ginsburg – joined in handing the President this major victory.

Liberal Justice Elena Kagan wrote the opinion arguing that Article 2 of the Constitution provided the states this power.

“Article II and the Twelfth Amendment give States broad power over electors, and give electors themselves no rights. Early in our history, States decided to tie electors to the presidential choices of others, whether legislatures or citizens. Except that legislatures no longer play a role, that practice has continued for more than 200 years,” Kagan wrote.

“Among the devices States have long used to achieve their object are pledge laws, designed to impress on electors their role as agents of others. A State follows in the same tradition if, like Washington, it chooses to sanction an elector for breaching his promise. Then too, the State instructs its electors that they have no ground for reversing the vote of millions of its citizens. That direction accords with the Constitution—as well as with the trust of a Nation that here, We the People rule,” Kagan added.

If Donald Trump wins a second term, it will likely be in a close election with a narrow Electoral College majority.

Liberal activists will immediately swarm the electors that will gather this December to confirm Donald Trump’s win.

The campaign to pressure electors to vote for someone else to deny Trump the presidency will rise to levels never before seen.

And given the violent riots that leftists staged across the country, it would not be a surprise if mobs gathered outside the homes of electors to put them in fear of their lives and property if they voted for Donald Trump.

This Supreme Court case takes that out of the equation by allowing states to compel electors to honor the results of the popular vote in their state.

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