Donald Trump trails Joe Biden in the polls at the moment.

But the President may have reached a turning point.

And Rush Limbaugh revealed Trump’s campaign got help from one unexpected source.

Conservatives were furious when Chief Justice John Roberts betrayed them once again and voted with the court’s four liberals to strike down a Louisiana law requiring abortionists to have hospital emergency room admitting privileges.

In this current term, Roberts also joined with the court’s liberal justices to block the Trump administration from ending Barack Obama’s lawless executive amnesty program and to grant special rights to homosexuals and transgenders.

But Rush Limbaugh noticed something odd in the fake news media coverage.

Limbaugh explained to his audience that liberal pundits such as fake news CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin were not celebrating the decision, which they normally would because abortion is the biggest legal issue for the left.

Instead, Toobin worried that Roberts’ betrayal would turn the Supreme Court into a rallying cry for Donald Trump as he heads into his re-election campaign.

“So you see, they’re worried that this ruling from Roberts is going to revive and enhance the Trump campaign on the basis we now know Roberts cannot be depended on. He is not one of the conservative justices, and it’d be silly to count on him as such as the Supreme Court takes cases. Meaning Trump needs one more. Meaning there are going to be some retirements on the left side because of age alone,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh added that he was puzzled by the President promising more judges in his speech at a rally in Tulsa where the President echoed his 2016 promise to stack the courts with conservative judges.

“They’re not celebrating. And it makes it look like Trump knew exactly what he was doing at his rally talking about the importance of the Supreme Court still, and the next nominee and perhaps the next nominee after that. I remember when I watched the Tulsa rally, I myself said, ‘Come on. You gotta move it forward. You can’t replay the 2016 playbook,’ and, by the way, don’t misunderstand. The whole rally was not that,” Limbaugh added.

The two oldest justices on the Supreme Court are liberals Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg – both of whom were appointed by former President Bill Clinton.

Limbaugh explained to his audience that the fake news media realizes whoever wins the 2020 election will likely appoint their successors.

And Roberts’ sellout on abortion and a host of other issues provides Donald Trump with a clear message to his base – elect me and I will appoint two more conservative justices that will make John Roberts turning into a liberal irrelevant.

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