Time is running out for Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The embattled doctor is watching an increasing number of Americans wake up to the fact that Fauci fed President Trump bad advice.

And now Rush Limbaugh revealed the secret way Donald Trump will fire Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci’s testimony before the Senate symbolized a turning point in his level of trust with the American people.

Fauci supported longer lockdowns and even raised the possibility of closing schools in the fall.

That hit Americans like a bucket full of ice cold water to the face.

Americans did not sign up for kids to miss out on an entire year of learning and social development.

Dr. Fauci’s testimony came at a time when the numbers showed Americans turned the corner in the pandemic as case numbers and deaths began to decline nationally and increased testing caused the positive test rate to decrease to under 10 percent.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out that every time Americans got good news about sports or the economy reopening as the epidemic receded, Dr. Fauci popped up with panic and propaganda to support endless lockdowns.

Limbaugh explained that Fauci secretly wanted the economy shutdown forever because if schools are closed, then kids are home.

If kids can’t go to school, parents can’t go to work because they have to stay home and watch their children.

“If you have the only health expert and doctor that we consult, and he’s out there saying no sports. Every time there’s good news, every time, you can count on there being cold water poured on it by Dr. Fauci or somebody in his group within 10 hours of that good story. But if you are not gonna permit the schools to reopen, then you can’t allow parents to go back to work, can you?”Limbaugh asked.

“If the kids are gonna stay home, if the kids are gonna be forced to stay home, how in the hell can the parents go back to work? And if the parents can’t go back to work, then that’s not reopening the country,” Limbaugh continued.

Many Republicans would like to see the President fire Fauci for his bad predictions – Fauci presented the President with junk science claiming two million people would die without a lockdown – and terrible advice.

Limbaugh explained to a caller that Trump couldn’t fire Fauci – it would better to have Fauci inside the tent than outside complaining to the media – but that Trump would essentially exile Fauci by praising him in public and ignoring his preposterous doomsday prophecies in private.

“I think he gave them the benefit of the doubt and again. He’s awakened now. Let me tell you how you deal with Fauci. You praise him to the hilt, exactly like Trump is doing. You praise him to the hilt. You talk about how brilliant he is, and you say that we’re so lucky to have Fauci,” Limbaugh began.

“’Oh, my God. Tony, you should run for office,’ and then privately you ignore every damn thing he says and implement your own policy. That’s the only way you can do it. Now, don’t repeat that, ’cause then the policy, the secret would be let out of the bag,” Limbaugh concluded.

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