The 2020 Democrat Presidential primary is at the stage where the field begins to winnow.

Several campaigns are on watch because they could end at any moment.

And now Rush Limbaugh broke major news about this top Democrat dropping out of the race.

The banner headline of the Democrat debate in Las Vegas was Mike Bloomberg’s colossal belly flop.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren gutted Bloomberg like a fish on Bloomberg muzzling women that complained about sexual harassment or Bloomberg making inappropriate comments by paying them off to sign nondisclosure agreements.

In a poll taken after the debate by Morning Consult, Bloomberg’s favorability ratings plunged 20 points.

Bloomberg staked his candidacy on a big showing on the March 3 Super Tuesday delegate bonanza, but the debate flop set the race on a trajectory where frontrunner Bernie Sanders stood poised to clean up and take a commanding delegate lead that would be impossible to overcome.

The situation was so dire that Bloomberg’s campaign manager even told reporters Bloomberg might be out of the race after Super Tuesday.

Rush Limbaugh addressed this situation on his radio show and flat out stated there was no way Bloomberg was dropping out of the race.

Limbaugh noted that Elizabeth Warren’s campaign entered February with just over a million dollars cash on hand and was so close to running out of money that the campaign took out a three-million-dollar line of credit and began accepting Super PAC help, which Warren’s own campaign website declared she had sworn off.

Other top Democrat challengers like Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden barely had more cash in the bank and hadn’t even begun to run ads in Super Tuesday states after blowing all their resources on Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

“So why would he drop out? Why would Bloomberg drop out if he believes Crazy Bernie scares the hell out of establishment Democrats? And he does. Bloomberg knows that the establishment of the Democrat Party does not want Crazy Bernie. They didn’t want him in 2016. They don’t want him now. So if you’re Bloomberg, you know how much he spent in January alone, Mr. Snerdley? Two-hundred and fifty million, $250 million! And he doesn’t have any delegates yet,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh rationalized that since the Democrat establishment believes Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda guarantees defeat in November, they would be desperate for a “moderate” alternative.

And since Bloomberg is worth $60 billion dollars, money will never be an issue so Bloomberg can stay in the race past Super Tuesday and hope the establishment rides to the rescue and rallies around him.

“The thing Bloomberg’s worried about, if Crazy Bernie has a good Super Tuesday, he could have an insurmountable delegate lead and all you can hope for is a brokered convention. But if you’re Bloomberg, why not stick around and see how things play out? Look, folks, if Bernie Sanders misses a single campaign event, people are gonna wonder, is he sick? Has something gone wrong? There’s any number of things that can happen, and none of them are predictable,” Limbaugh added.

Democrats are in trouble.

The current course of the race is leading to a Sanders nomination.

Bloomberg – and other Democrats – staying in the race and fighting to the last delegate will only serve to divide the party past the point where the eventual nominee can unite the party in time to take on Donald Trump in November.

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