Senator Marco Rubio has just made a major announcement that could shake up the 2016 election season.

After swearing on Twitter just a month ago that he would not seek re-election to the U.S. Senate, Rubio has announced that he’s had a change of heart and will indeed seek a second term.

The freshman Senator’s decision to flip-flop has been widely speculated on for the past few months.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, Marco Rubio claimed in an interview with CNN he wouldn’t run if his good friend, Florida Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera, had plans to stay in the race.

But shortly after that interview with CNN, it was leaked to Politico that Lopez-Cantera told Rubio he would step aside should Rubio seek re-election.

Lopez-Cantera wasn’t the first to step aside for Rubio.

Congressmen David Jolly and Ron DeSantis both abandoned their Florida Senate bids and are seeking re-election to the House of Representatives instead.

This leaves two wealthy political outsiders, businessmen Carlos Beruff and Todd Wilcox, as the top two competitors against Rubio for the party’s nomination.

Beruff, a staunch opponent of illegal immigration, has told his campaign staff he’s prepared to spend another $10 million in addition to the $4 million he’s already spent.

For Rubio, it may feel like déjà vu.

Rubio thought he was a frontrunner to procure the Republican Party’s nomination for president —  until businessman Donald Trump dominated the election cycle.

In a presidential election year where immigration policies have dominated the Republican primaries, Rubio’s presidential destiny was determined in 2013 when he teamed with liberal New York Democrat Chuck Schumer and pro-open borders Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham to become the public face of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

His presidential hopes ended early after he embarrassingly received just over 25% of the vote in his home state of Florida to Donald Trump’s nearly 46%.

And Rubio’s desire to be president one day is what may have fueled his dramatic reversal.

According to The New York Times, Rubio informed his inner circle of colleagues and advisers that he’s considering running for president again, in 2020 or 2024:

“And as he and his team weighed a re-election campaign, they debated how well situated he would be in once more seeking the presidency from the Senate,” writes The New York Times.

“A highly strategic politician with a restless personality, Mr. Rubio worried about a diminished profile if he faded from national politics into a career of paid speechmaking, his advisers said,” The New York Times added.

By announcing his plans to seek re-election, Marco Rubio is naturally the frontrunner in this Senate race.

Still, in order to survive the primary, he’ll have to overcome the millions of dollars his opponents are prepared to spend against him.

And a recent poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows a whopping 42% of Republicans disapprove of Rubio’s job performance in the Senate.

But the man who defeated him in Florida’s presidential primary may be the one who helps send Rubio to the general election.

Despite Rubio calling the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, a “con artist with small hands and an orange face,” Mr. Trump has returned the favor by tweeting his support for Rubio and encouraging him to run.

The same PPP poll that showed Rubio struggling with Florida Republican voters also showed him ahead of his likely Democrat opponent, Congressman Patrick Murphy, by a 47-40 margin.

Murphy, who’s campaign has received endorsements from both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, immediately went on the attack against Rubio by using his poor Senate attendance record against him in a press release:

“For years Floridians have been disappointed by Marco Rubio’s complete disinterest in the job they elected him to do. Floridians know his record of missing votes, flip-flopping on immigration reform, and fighting against women’s health care. The voters are ready for a Senator who will wake up every day focused on fighting for them.”

Both Democrats and Republicans will select their nominee on August 30th.

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