The accusations against Roy Moore would be troubling if they were true.

But it hasn’t taken much time for most of the stories to be debunked.

And Roy Moore just pulled out one piece of paper and proved he’s innocent.

The accusations against Moore have already faced heavy doubt.

Specifically, the claim by Beverly Nelson and her radical feminist attorney Gloria Allred have put out red flags.

But the Roy Moore campaign has officially fired back at her claim.

They put out a press release pointing out all the inconsistencies in Nelson’s claim that Moore had sexually assaulted her.

The release also mentioned a number of witnesses who have come forward to dismantle the story put out by Nelson.

A glaring inconsistency mentioned first and foremost was the fact that Beverly Nelson claimed she was a waitress at the Olde Hickory House when she was 15.

That could not have been true, as the policy for their restaurant has always had a minimum age of 16 to be a waitress.

Nelson also claimed the restaurant was dark and isolated, when in fact it sits next to a highway, and has a large, well-lit wraparound porch.

A former employee also mentioned that her claim that the restaurant closed at 10:00 PM is entirely false and that the restaurant never closed that early.

The same employee also said that Nelson’s claim that Moore assaulted her at back of the restaurant couldn’t be true, as there is no back exit, and nobody ever parked at the back of the building.

And to top it all off, the longtime employee said she never remembered Nelson even working at the restaurant.

While all of these individual facts could just be oversight on Nelson’s part, all together, it makes a very convincing case that her story was either made up, or heavily fabricated.

But it is unlikely the mainstream media will ever report on these inconsistencies.

The media has pushed the Roy Moore accusations as fact based on their perceived massive amount of evidence against him.

But as soon as one of the accusers is challenged, they refuse to acknowledge it.

It’s mainstream media hypocrisy on full display, and proves just how far left they actually lean.

Do you believe Roy Moore is innocent?

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