Former Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has always been known to question the official U.S. government line.

So when some in the intelligence community and media began to push the narrative that Russian hacking influenced the election, it was only a matter of time before the former Texas Congressman commented.

And what he said left many wondering just who is telling the truth.

In a Facebok post promoting his appearance on Russia Today, former Congressman Paul stated while he was not a Trump supporter himself, he does have some serious questions about the allegations of Russian hacking.

Paul wrote:

“While I am not a supporter of President-Elect Trump, I am a supporter of sorting out the truth. When it comes to the ‘Russian hacking’ allegations, I agree with Julian Assange that there just isn’t any evidence or proof that has been provided.

Since the end of World War II up until the year 2000, the U.S. government meddled in 81 different elections around the world. ​​Perhaps we Americans should focus on what our own government does instead of stirring up trouble with outsiders for political advantages.”

So far, the administration has released two public reports asserting the Russians hacked into the email accounts of Democratic National Committee staffers and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

But many critics noted the reports did not contain any evidence.

Congressman Paul also joined that chorus during his interview on Russia Today.

Paul stated:

“RT: The US intelligence report into alleged Russian hacking – some describe it as weak and insubstantial because the declassified version doesn’t include any evidence. What did you make of it?

Ron Paul: Since Assange takes that position, I agree with him, because I think he is telling us the truth. I am not an expert in analyzing this, but I do have a lot of respect for Assange. There was a major station or internet programming here that did a survey of the American people, and they found that 80 percent of the Americans would believe Assange over our security, our intelligence gathering. From my own experience in Congress, leading up to the Iraq war, I heard what our intelligence agencies were saying. They did not tell us the truth – they misled us, and tragedy occurred from that.

So, there is every reason for me to be skeptical of what our intelligence agencies are saying. I think most of what we’re hearing now and all the back and forth here in the states has to do with politics. People who are very upset that they didn’t win the election, and therefore they are turning it into this so-called political scandal, and I don’t think they have much merit there; I don’t think the evidence shows that those people who are saying the intelligence report proves certain things. I think it is all political grandstanding. “

Paul did say he supported Trump’s policy of “bringing sanity” back to U.S. relations with Russia.

Paul also blasted the media’s obsession with “fake” news.

He stated that he views the official government position – and the media that parrots it – as the real fake news:

“RT:  What is your take on claims that some media organizations are putting out ‘fake news’. Any truth to such allegations?

RP: I think that’s been going on for some time because I look at just about everything our government says, and the media which is closely connected, as mostly fake news… They went over the top by listing 10 organizations or so, including myself, on the front page of the Washington Post, saying we’re the producers of fake news because we’ve taken a position that shows a more balanced approach when dealing with countries outside of America, or that have a different position with Russia. So they say we’re the ones producing the fake news. But I think we’ve been winning a little of that argument… because when you really sort it out with the American people they aren’t all that blindly trustworthy of our federal government, even though you won’t hear that on our evening news because there’s still a lot of fake news out there…. The more the government is an empire where they’re holding control over a large area and many countries, the more tenacious they are in controlling what the propaganda is and what is said.

Because the bigger the empire – no matter which kind – truth becomes a treasonous act. So you can’t tell the truth about an authoritarian government and unfortunately throughout history it has always been the authoritarians that want to run things…”