The elite rich own the congress and the media. They pay for new laws so they can reap huge profits. A good example is the seatbelt law. Vehicles have always had seatbelts, so why didn’t we have a law a long time ago? Because it’s not the role of gov’t to force us to be safer. Ins. co. lobbyists paid for that law, increasing profits for them. It’s unconstitutional to pass laws to benefit private corporations. If congress is truly concerned for our safety..Then why don’t schoolbuses have seatbelts? Evidently congress is not concerned for the safety of our little children. Also, why don’t motorcyclists have to wear helmets? They are at much greater risk than a person in an automobile. I guess congress is not worried about their safety either. The real reason is that some people would not buy a motorcycle if they had to wear a helmet, and profits would be lost so corp. that make motorc. lobby against the law. No other rational reason…….Ron Paul accepted $3 an hour during a portion of his career as a doctor delivering babies for the poor . He never voted for a pay raise for himself as a congressman, and will not accept a gov’t pension after 35 years of service. The insurance companies and elite business owners that set policy and reap huge profits are the crooks that take advantage of people. Doctors make very good money, but it’s hard work and a lot of college to pay for and malpractice insurance is expensive.