The man who helped Mueller put together his report won’t get out of prison for a decade.

The sex crime he committed is truly horrifying.

Robert Mueller is terrified. He learned his top witness is headed to jail.

George Nader was an important witness for the Mueller report.

Mueller mentioned Nader by name over a hundred times in his report.

Nader is currently under indictment for illegally funneling money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“Prosecutors say Nader and Ahmad ‘Andy’ Khawaja, a Los Angeles-based executive, schemed to conceal more than $3.5 million in contributions from political committees to gain influence.” The Washington Times reported.

“Had a terrific meeting with my Big Sister H. You will be most delighted!” Nader wrote to someone only identified as “an official from Foreign Country A’s government,” courts papers show, a reference to Clinton.

Mueller claimed that Nader was a cooperating witness who served asa go-between for Russia and Erik Prince, a Trump supporter.

Mueller also wanted to question Nader as to whether the United Arab Emirates influenced the 2016 election.

Clearly Nader is not a trustworthy witness.

But the charges of concealing Clinton’s campaign donations are not the worst thing that Nader has been accused of.

In 1991, almost thirty years ago, Nader served six months after pleading guilty to federal pornography charges which is “far below what would be expected of such a crime today.”

He was caught smuggling in videotapes of minor boys into America.

He has pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography again and for bringing an underage boy to America for sex.

“Search warrants unsealed last year revealed the FBI discovered at least a dozen child pornography videos on the phone of Nader, 61. Some of the images involved animals and boys as young as 2 years old.” The Washington Times added.

The boy that Nader was accused of bringing overseas was a 14-year-old boy from the Czech Republic.

Nader confessed to just one sex act.

“George destroyed practically my entire life, and I am trying to put it back together piece by piece,” he said through a translator.

Nader has also been ordered to pay $150,000 in restitution to his victim and has been sentenced to 10 years for each crime, the minimum sentence possible, but the sentences will be served consecutively.

Mueller may want to start rethinking the information that his key witness told him.

It seems that Mueller was willing to trust the scum of the earth if it gave him an opportunity to attack President Trump.

And Mueller should have been aware of Nader’s past and prior criminal convictions.

Though perhaps for Mueller,Nader’s criminal past was rather a bonus since it gave him leverage to extract the information he wanted out of Nader.

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